Have Fun Explaining That One To Your Rich Daddy

If I knew who the spoiled little brat was I’d send a copy of this video to the guy.

Generally speaking, pieces of connecting rods laying on the ground in a huge puddle of oil behind your vehicle that suddenly quit running at full throttle are usually considered to be a bad thing.

20 thoughts on “Have Fun Explaining That One To Your Rich Daddy

  1. Clearly, the operator of the vehicle exceeded the designed limitations.

    Scheisse! Definitely Germans. And being in Germany, he will have a hefty bill for the environmental cleanup of the oil.


    • Got that right… Herman Der Cherman got -Z.E.R.O.- sense of humor about the oil spills und such. in 94, our HMMWV in the feild during a ‘war game’ hit a BFR (big fuckin rock) that holed the oil pan… we had to go out, and spent 2 days digging up a one foot by one foot by one foot hole for every.single.drop.of.oil and putting it in a hazmat area… and it was two days b/c we went 100 yards before we realized the pan had been holed, and the engine seized.
      That purely sucked


  2. That’s Bavarian youth. I can’t see the first two letters of the license plate so I couldn’t say which part of Bavaria.
    Don Cornelius sr observed quite accurately. There’s Turkish boyS in the clique, Germans, too.
    Dunno about Germany but over here in Austria Turkish boys tend driving BMW’s while those from the Balkans are more into Mercedes, those with more cash on hand drive Audi.


  3. The BMW 5.0 L v-8 M62 will spin it’s bearings at 6700 rpm if the rev limiter is bumped up. This was a popular “mod” by the enthusiast that added larger a MAF, bigger injectors, performance exhaust, under-drive pullies, and a custom tune (This is what changed the rev limit to 7000rpm). I watched a buddy of mine toast two of these V-8’s and rebuilding it cost $12k both times. He now has a custom, street legal, Factory 5 65 Coupe with an aluminum block 7.0L FE that can hit 7000+ rpm that he uses as a track car and to terrorize Atlanta traffic. I have been a passenger in it for laps at Road Atlanta – Stupid quick and fast.

    I have always been jealous of his trust fund.


  4. Yeah, no.
    I had a 4 door Fiat sedan that someone gave me in the early 80’s. It was a beater and louder than shit because the muffler was rotted out but it was actually a decent running little car. I remember a rebuilt starter was $125 clear back then and that was after I had my back fused and couldn’t work so I had no money.
    Other than that, I had a Volvo wagon very briefly that had a lost title so I got rid of it.
    I worked on some German cars at the dealership and all y’all can keep all of that Euro trash as far as I’m concerned. When this Sprite finally goes I’m going to stick with either Ford or Chevy.
    If I don’t get a little Ranger pickup then I am going to get a full size Chevy pickup and be done with it.


    • Look at a Colorado. If you really don’t NEED a full-size pick-up, why buy one? We looked at Rangers, but I wasn’t impressed. I also don’t like Ford putting a well-boosted 4 banger in them. I just don’t think those little suckers will last….


  5. Yes, Germans with “migration backgrounds” as they say here in Germany. The first thing I thought of was how much money the German gummint gives to all of these ‘refugees’ just for flying into Germany and claiming they were oppressed by the gummint.

    If they had to work to be able to afford such a nice car, then they surely wouldn’t be trashing it like that. But since Auntie Angela just gives them the money to do with like they want, why wouldn’t they treat it like the donkey cart they had before coming to Germany.


  6. Gee, I dunno. Running the engine flat out, no deep sump oil pan, constantly sliding sideways, no airflow over the engine to keep it cool. Those of you who race know what I am talking about…
    What did they expect?


  7. The question is did the rod come out the pan or out the block? I’m guessing pan just from the amount of oil. If I was that kids Dad, I’d beat his ass with a dip stick for being an idiot.



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