6 thoughts on “I Take Comfort In Knowing That I Am Not Alone.

  1. Well on the bright side, it is a younger fellow trying to fix his own vehicle. I see a glimmer of hope in small number of the Millennials.


  2. Once upon a time, when I still thought such things were important, I was in a exalted position of leadership in a large company you are all familiar with. I had a personalized parking spot with my name inscribed thereon and wore fine clothes with silk ties and polished shoes each day (I hope you can hear the self effacing sarcasm in this). I also had an old beater Ford truck I would occasionally drive back and forth to work. The starter in aforementioned truck shat the bed right in that parking spot one day. I caught a ride home and came back the next day with a box containing a new starter, my coveralls, and some tools. That evening after work I donned the coveralls and affected repairs right there on the spot as all the other managers were walking past on their way to a martini. The fact that they were impressed that I could or would do such a thing do such a thing was I think a sad commentary on the state of competence in our country. When things finally go all to hell in America and the time to start rebuilding comes we are going to need those who can roll up their sleeves and fight their way through a problem.


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