Although The War With My Personal Demons Will Never End, I Did Manage To Win The Latest Battle With One Particular Soul Crushing Bastard

Thank you God.

I got this unholy whore back together this afternoon finally, took it for a spin and all of the gears work in the transmission.

As a matter of fact, it has never sounded this good gear noise wise.

The synchros are nice and smooth and everything.

There is still an absolute shit ton of work that needs to be done.

I see the floor boards need to be replaced even after I did my best to treat them last year, the tires that still have 95% of the tread on them are split inside the treads from age, there is no interior and the seats are shot too.

I found out that the shop I spent $3500 at having them go through this thing after I rebuilt the engine fucked me in several places.

The pinch bolt that I specifically asked to have replaced with an original replacement that holds the steering column to the steering rack was loose, some random bolt that looked like a Beaver gnawed the end off of had been stuck in there and the nut was stripped and ready to fall completely off.

This angers me greatly because I almost got killed in this fucker along with my ex wife when I pulled out onto a highway with traffic coming at me in the other lane and no barriers.

I pulled out, hit the gas, pulled back on the steering wheel for leverage to get more comfortable in the seat and the steering column slipped off the splines because it had the wrong bolt in it. All at once, with a one ton Ford pickup barreling at me, the steering wheel just spun in my hands and the car started veering into oncoming traffic.

One more time The Good Lord was with me and I pushed back on the steering wheel, got damn lucky and the steering column splines just happened to line up with the steering rack splines and it slid right back on.

I whipped it back into my lane and immediately pulled over.

Needless to say the Ex was less than impressed.

So I fixed that fucking thing today after I noticed it.

Yesterday while I was underneath the thing I found out why the Emergency brake hadn’t been working either. There is a Rube Goldberg set up on the rear axle that has a twisting capstan and two metal rods that go to the levers through the back of the brake backing plate.

It is cable actuated from the handle inside. Pull the handle, the cable twists the capstan and pulls on the rods to actuate the brake shoes.

There is a 1/4 inch round pin that connects the rods to the levers and BOTH of them were gone!

That one pissed me off too.

I dug through my crap and came up with a couple and got that back together. I also replaced the Split Gauge again. It is a two inch round gauge on the dash. The top half reads oil pressure, the bottom is a mechanical temperature gauge.

I bought one a year ago and it has been sitting in a box ever since.

Another $150 into the void.

I see that the thing has excellent oil pressure now, 70 lbs at cold idle.

So as much work and money that still needs to be thrown at the fucker, it is a Turn Key Driver again.

It is also officially For Sale.

I would be embarrassed to sit down and add up all the time and money I have thrown at this thing over the years and I know I’ll never get even a fraction of it back but what I am asking for the whole car with all the new parts and a literal pickup load of spares is exactly what a rebuilt Plain Jane engine plus the core charge would cost if you were to buy one from Mini Mania.

I want $5500 for ALL OF IT.

Bring cash, a truck with a trailer, a buddy and be prepared to spend a couple of hours digging parts out. I even still have the original 1098 engine that came in it with a bad #4 rod bearing. There is a spare hood, both front fenders, two complete doors and a trunk lid also.

That doesn’t even begin to count all the little crap I have collected over the years.

The engine in it is a 1275 and has been completely gone through, bored 0.20 over and runs very strong. The head was sent out and completely gone through with a valve grind, resurface, new springs and exhaust valve guides put in it. That was well North of $600 right there and then I ported it. I also put a Billet Rear Main Seal kit in it so the damn thing doesn’t leak oil out that back like all stock engines do.

That was another $200 plus me machining the flywheel.

New clutch, throw out bearing, bushings in the arm plus this transmission. I drilled the rear axle flanges and the front hubs and put 1/2″ wheel studs in it too.New gas tank, fuel pump and turn signal switch. Put new front end bushings in it a few years ago, it has new inner and outer tie rods up front.

The convertible top is two years old.

I also have a Still In The Box carpet kit for it that goes with it.

So if you or someone you know is into pain, disappointment, possible financial ruin, don’t mind being randomly stranded in freeway traffic, have towing coverage, lots of time, patience and money burning a hole in your pocket, drop me a line at Bustednuckles AT protonmailDOT COM and I will sit down and start listing all of the new parts, used parts upgrades and modifications I have done to this thing, get a bunch of pictures of the horrors eagerly waiting to haunt your nightmares and we shall see if you have what it takes to remove this half a lifetime lesson in stubbornness out of my life.

OR, if you have a Spridget in decent condition, buy this damn thing and part it out. It will save you a couple-three grand easy.

Only the certifiably insane need apply.

Tire kickers and Originalist snobs will get the verbal beat down of a lifetime if you attempt to waste my time.

Don’t even think I am kidding.

42 thoughts on “Although The War With My Personal Demons Will Never End, I Did Manage To Win The Latest Battle With One Particular Soul Crushing Bastard

  1. I was thinking maybe a small carbed 4 banger Toyota engine and a 5 speed would have been cheaper and ya would have been driving it years ago… I know, shut my pie hole and slither back into my cave.


  2. I am glad ya got that done and the transmission gods smiled down on ya! So, iffn ya get it sold to some sucker I mean buyer, you gonna buy a small pick ’em up?


    • The rubber hose has like a 1/8th inch inner diameter and the steel tube for the mechanical oil pressure gauge slides inside. The black thing is just a dust cover, The starter pinion gear is inside, it sticks out the back and pulls in to engage the flywheel. Fucking Brits


      • That is a bass ackward way to do that! No wonder the brits lost to us 230 or so years ago and was gonna lose both WW1 and 2 if we hadn’t been pushed into it… I know I hated working on brit, swedish and french wiring systems.


        • Furrin wiring systems. Like darned furrin TV back in the days of analog over-air TV.

          You had PAL (phase alternation by line) in the UK, Western Europe, and their former colonies. We (plus Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) had NTSC, “no television system cheaper” (though smart asses said it was really “never twice same color”) and the damned French had SECAM (système essentially contrary to American methods).

          Fukkin French!


  3. “Fucking Brits”. Phil, the Pommy version of Rube Goldberg is Heath Robinson. I could cheerfully say that Aussie cars are better, except that we don’t make any at all now. Congratulations on getting your demon exorcised, did you put holy water in the radiator?


  4. I learned my lesson helping the old man work on his MGA, B and then a C-GT. I had a ’68 MGB that pissed me off multiple times. Then I had a ’76 HD Shovelhead. LIke I said, I learned my lesson. My sister nagged the old man to buy her a bug-eyed Sprite, she proceeded to reduce the transmission to pulp and ran it w/o oil.


    • Yes. Originally there was a sheet metal heater box in front of it too.
      Oh yeah, they were originally a Positive ground electrical system too. Something else I changed.


      • That image reminded me of my 69 Spitfire. The footwells are
        deep. The passenger side had more legroom than a Cadillac!
        I found out that if you keep the dual SUs in tune, these small
        British cars can be quite reliable.


          • Buddy of mine had a ’62 MKI Spit in high-school. We called it his “Tin Coffin”. The guy he bought it from had a “Camber Compensator” installed on the rear suspension because…SWING AXLES! My buddy thought it made the car too stiff, so he took it off. It rode much nicer, but after the second time he spun it out on a residential street, he put it back on, and figured out the guy who put it in originally hadn’t done it right.


  5. I swapped my 96′ “big block, 1800 cc” Miata with $6000 in parts in it to a camera store for $500 in trade value about a year ago. Still friends with the owner of the camera store. It was get rid of it or pay for a divorce. As I got to keep the Ducati’s is was a fair deal from the one who must be obeyed. Living life one day at a time.


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  6. I had one of these when I didn’t have enough money to make it right. I learned a lot. I really liked the car. We had a relationship. I worked on it several times a month and sometimes I got to drive it. The electrical system might have been the worst of it, but everything that could fail took a turn being the focus of my attention.

    If I wanted one now, I would buy a Miata, and a Midget with no motor, then weld the Midget skin on the Miata and put the MG badge in middle of the steering wheel.

    If someone offered to give me a running Midget for free, I’d have to think hard about it before declining.

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  7. The Sprite is an English car. Hell to the NO!

    I have been burnt by Spitfires, Jaguars, and Mini’s. After i sold each one I swore no more English cars. I have also been stung by Italian. Then again I have also been burnt by Chevy, Dodge, and Ford on cars. I will stick with German or Swedish where i have had better luck..

    For those who are looking for a Gentleman’s Sport car the Sprite will always be in demand. I think Phil has had a belly full and is giving this away at $5.5k. He also gave away the Bronco. If the Sprite wasn’t all the way across the country I might forget my hatred of English cars. I would have flown across the country for the Bronco if it could have been driven back to GA.

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