Unlock Your Car Door With A Piece Of String

I wish I had known about this a while back. Either way, the door got opened but a guy could use a shoelace to do this in a pinch

I dislike computer generated commentary as much as the next guy, I never heard of a “Slipknit” before but this was by far the shortest video that shows you how to do it and I know your time is valuable so I try not to waste it unnecessarily.

11 thoughts on “Unlock Your Car Door With A Piece Of String

  1. My string would be in the blasted glove box..
    Slick problem solving there..
    I wonder if I could stash enough string in with my magnetic hide a key …


      • Well, aren’t you the optimistic one?
        You really think it would be that close?
        Damn thing would surely be further down the road than that. Your defeatism, pessimism and cynicism have clearly not been adequately built up by the relentless beatings of life. You must be younger than fifty..


    • Yep. Mine are smooth, rounded ends so you CAN’T slip anything over them. Darn difficult to open “normally”, impossible to snag. I prefer a Slim Jim to open locked car doors, they are easy to manufacture.

      Interesting technique, though.


  2. In my teens, this idea came to me. Someone I knew bought some of those
    slick door lock buttons and dared me to break into his car. All it took was
    a screwdriver, and a coat hanger to guide some twine. I may not have
    been the first to use the technique, but I love a challenge!


  3. I have a Ford Ranger. This method will not work but with the back side of a knife I can unlock my door faster than using a key.

    My wife’s car is impossible to lock yourself out of. It also has a proximity sensor to unlock if the key is in your pocket. And it locks automatically when the key signal goes out of range. It’s a VW.


  4. These videos look cool but they are the result of a lot of practice. The way they do it at the dealers is to use an air wedge near the top of the door and a straightened coat hanger with the end bent into a shallow hook. Once the door is slightly opened with the air wedge you simply insert the coat hanger and use it to pull the door handle near the armrest. It’s a lot simpler than trying this.


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