11 thoughts on “The Sleeping Giant Has Awakened

  1. I believe that was the “Trump Run” from last night that the dude who took one to the chest was with. Apparently they’ve been openly celebrating the death of a “Fascist”… dancing, singing, all that shit. They really don’t seem to get that eventually, it’s now gonna get real. I foresee two man teams with suppressed rifles putting 5-10 rounds into a crowd of those dancing fucks, then quietly and quickly exfil’ing. Gonna get spicy as fuck soon Phil. Keep yer head on a swivel.


  2. Yep Big country…

    It could easily be a few bunkerd up nests waiting on the first few… Stop the front
    then jam up the rear and start down the line from both ends. They call that an
    ambush and Custer learned that the hard way along with convoy drivers of several

    So yes it can get very real and there are those that aspire to that. Calling them
    antifa or facists is just flinging names not paying attention to what really happening.

    HInt it is a no win for the players. They will see the elephant and find it unsavory.



  3. I pray they’re taking it seriously if they intend to get into something. I’ve read and heard from people who are way more experienced than I am that Antifa/BLM are showing lots of signs of training and improved tactics. They have the almost infinite checkbook of George Soros, after all, to hire trainers. There’s even talk about ex-US military guys joining that side if they were the few percent libs/Obama era type.


  4. The important point here is, most of the Trump supporters are relatively local, whereas the antifa/BLM people are bused in from far away. I think it would be difficult for these lefties to maintain any kind of offensive.


    • How on earth would a race war benefit Trump? Please show your work. No sane person wants a race war, civil war or any other war. This conflict is being pushed by professional agitators operating under protection of local democrat governments and financed by george fucking soros. Let them burn the democrat strongholds. As Ben Franklin said, “Experience keeps a very dear school, but fools will learn in no other” These democrat voters need to learn the consequences of their actions.

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      • Well said J-Dog.
        They will learn too.
        Actions have consequences and the people that are living in these cities that are being destroyed are going to remember who let that happen for the rest of their lives.


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