It Should Be Against The Law To Have This Much Fun

Oh the dirty fucking whore, I forgot just how much fun this shit is.

The little One Ton Harbor Freight Cherry Picker got it done, just barely. The cylinder kept bleeding off.

The bad transmission is out, the one I put together is in but I still have to put everything back together.

It’s a real joy trying to stab the engine and transmission into the tunnel straight, while simultaneously trying to get the driveline yoke started on the output shaft splines, inside the tunnel through a hole in the top where the gear shifter pokes through, while also having to jack the back of the transmission up on the rear mount to get it to slide into the tunnel, by yourself.

I’ve done it before and I did it again but I really don’t want to do it ever again.

Especially laying out in the damn street.

At sixty years of age there are certain parts of my body that are screaming at me right this very minute and they are vowing to bring the pain in the near future.

By Monday I will be setting up like concrete.

But the motherfucker is in.

Whether or not it even works remains to be seen.

All I can do is pray to God that he was looking over my shoulder and guiding my hands when I was putting it back together.

Tomorrow is another day and I can take my time putting all the other shit back together.

Trust me, I have many more pictures of this little task but right at the moment I am pretty beat.

15 thoughts on “It Should Be Against The Law To Have This Much Fun

  1. BTDT, as many others have, at least you didn’t leave the hulk of the car in a random neighborhood to get towed away. Mentioning this from random abstract knowledge.



  2. I’ve got the Harbor Freight cherry picker as well, Phil, and have had NO trouble with it, ever. Let it to friend after friend, still no problems. I have one of those leveler bars that you can crank forward or back to tilt the engine/transmission – have you ever thought of using one? Sure makes installation easier!

    I’m wondering why the Neighborhood Codger didn’t come over to give “advice” – you could press-gang him into assisting! *IF* you trust him, that is…


    • Yeah I’ve got one of those levelers, I think I’ve used it once in 25 years. I just use a short piece of chain and it works fine. It wasn’t the Up Down part that was giving me trouble. The street is sloped and the damn thing kept swinging to the curb side.


      • BTW, the old guy Chuck, he finally came over just as I was getting done for the day. He donated a ratty old tarp that we threw over the nose and tied down because the valve cover is still off and so are the manifolds.
        Hopefully it will be enough to keep any moisture and two legged varmints out of it.


        • I did the same thing with my 69 Spitfire, The old engine took a
          shit and found a used one. It was actually easier to pull with
          the transmission attached. I “borrowed” a patient lift from
          the hospital I worked for. It is essentially the same as an
          engine hoist over the weekend. I ended up pitting a slight
          bend in the boom though.


          • It’s right in the shop manual to pull the trans and engine as a married unit.
            Once I finally got the bastard out it literally only took me about fifteen minutes to swap the transmission out.
            It was the going back in that kicked my ass. That patient lift must not have been designed for really big people.
            Even a Spitfire engine trans combo can’t weigh more that five hundred pounds.


    • I live in a rental and it is aginst da rules to work on cars in the garage.
      I’m already pushing it as it is I’m sure.
      Not that I didn’t catch the sarcasm.


      • Phil, in that same sarcastic spirit, as the demon Sprite has been laid-up for nigh 30 years, how can they say you’re ‘working’ on it? Surely just ‘moving parts around’ is more accurate?

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  3. I’m beginning to wonder if the guys from Roadkill read this site, and that is where they get their ideas.
    For those that don’t watch the show – they changed the engine of their El Camino, in the Summit Racing parking lot. While it snowed.
    Another time they took the engine out of their truck after hauling a jet boat to the lake, then putting the motor into the boat. After a day of boating, the engine went back into the truck, so they could go home. Finnegan and Freiburger are truly some twisted gearheads.

    Whitehall, NY


  4. Phil, you don’t need my advice, but at your age the careful use of chemicals can improve your quality of life. There are better anti-inflammatory and/or painkiller drugs around then those you’ve mentioned. Hell, Cederq will maybe score some from a medical cabinet somewhere. Just make sure that he didn’t get them from Hillary’s bathroom cabinet, she keeps some potent shit for when she needs to ‘suicide’ old friends! BTW, when do we get to see you and Chuck fixing the demon Sprite, in the first episode of ‘Codger & Geezer’??


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