Are You Starting To Discern The True Meanings Of The Second Amendment Yet?

And are you starting to figure out that all of these “Interpretations” allowing laws designed to infringe on it’s very basic tenets have been handed down by the very people it was designed for in the first place?

Very scared people who know that they should be on the receiving end of exactly what they are trying to take away from you?

Has the last three months of out of control and ratcheting violence started thoughts of self defense to preoccupy more and more of your subconscious thoughts?

Those nagging little flashes of What If’s that seem to be occurring more and more often?

It certainly appears to me that they have for more and more people if the record shattering background check numbers and gun and ammunition sales lately are any indication.

Have you come to the conclusion that the self defense of yourself and your family is a God Given right, the very first law of Nature it’s self and that the Black Robed Nazgul fiends chipping away at that capability over the last hundred years is an affront to that directly?

They are part of the Protected Class.

WE, are inconsequential units of measurement to them.

Lower than a Serf, we only figure into their calculations as possibly being dangerous to their health if not properly contained.

Much as you call a Pest Control expert in when you have an ant infestation.

I can’t speak for anyone else, only myself but I still can, will and do.

Not just often but every damn day.

Remember the Free Speech Zones?

Another attempt to squash your God Given rights and Nature’s also.

Even a Sheep has the right to bleet at the Sheepdog.

My Free Speech Zone is simply wherever I happen to be standing at the moment.

If you don’t want to hear what I have to say then you most certainly have the right to walk right the hell out of hearing distance. I don’t need to move an inch to say what I want to say.

The same goes for any weapons available to me that I can use for Self Defense.

If I can get my hands on it then I am going to hold on to it for the time that comes when I may need to use it.

I have no plans on running out and committing violence anytime soon.

Any weaponry or knowledge of them I have is strictly for Self Defense.

If you or anyone else makes the mistake of testing my resolve to exercise that option then you can expect me to use any and everything at my fingertips to convince you that it was a bad idea to come around and try to force your will against mine.

Up to and including shooting you right in the fucking face with a load of Double Ought Buckshot at close range or blowing a hole in you at a more comfortable distance once your intent has been discerned.

What some long dead Judge ever thought or said about it fifty, sixty or seventy years ago be damned.

The same goes for the judges and politicians who are unfortunately still around and still trying to infringe upon my resolve to defend myself.

The Second Amendment was passed to insure that the government was restrained from interfereing with your already existing rights to defend yourself.

Never forget that.

All of the laws passed since then are successful attempts by succeeding government administrations to renege on that original premise and subject you to exposure to probable further government overreach and to leave you defenseless to do anything about it.

Now throw in the corporate and politically backed organized violence we have seen lately and the castration of police departments to insure it all goes off unhampered.

If you live in the middle of one of these little soirees where entire city blocks are being burned to the ground and hundreds or thousands of people are running around with firearms even though they may be legally prohibited from doing so, I want to know if you are going to stop and ask yourself if what some judge said and some words written on a piece of paper really matter at that moment in time or are you going to fill your hands with whatever you can to defend yourself with and use it effectively?

I personally, a long time ago, decided where I came down on this mental argument.

You know damn good and well where I stand with it too.

19 thoughts on “Are You Starting To Discern The True Meanings Of The Second Amendment Yet?

  1. Good words Phil. I can add nothing, except, any form of gun registration is a delayed gun confiscation. Anyone that says different is a fool, or a liar, it’s for you to decide which, and their motive if the latter.


  2. This is close enough to be on-topic. In Virginia, governor Blackface and his
    leftist legislature went after their citizen’s firearms. They just passed another
    law that in my opinion put Virginia in play for Trump. They reduced assault
    against law enforcement officers to a misdemeanor. When the Democrats
    unleashed their flying monkeys, they were helping Trump win reelection.
    Are the Democrats intentionally trying to tank this election? Everything
    they have done is hurting their party and pointing out the disconnect
    between the Democrat party and the American people!

    Here is a Biden campaign ad. It is the worst case of blame-shifting I have
    ever seen. It is meant to imply that Trump is to blame for the empty seats
    in stadiums and pews in churches. There isn’t a person in America who
    does not know that it was Democrat COVID Nazis who caused this:


      • More than that, Phil. First, voter fraud only works in close races
        usually after the fact. Too many fraudulent votes send off signal
        flares. If the vote tally exceeds the number of registered voters,
        cheating took place.

        To show you how fucking stupid the Democrats are, the lesbian
        former first lady (Felonia von Pantsuit is urging Biden to not concede
        the election to Trump. They are pulling out all of the stops in the
        November election. The DNC hired an army of lawyers to challenge
        every close race. All but 2 states are winner take all. If they drag
        this out to December 14, the electors get to go rogue. In this
        scenario, instead of all of the 55 of Marxifornia electors going
        to Biden, 24 are free to travel to Washington. Play this out in
        a dozen Democrat states, and Trump will win in a landslide.

        One more X factor has been solved. In a poll taken of
        registered Republican voters, 12 percent are lying to the
        pollsters. They do not want Democrat precinct walkers
        knocking on their doors, or have to deal with hundreds of
        unsolicited phone calls. Or worse, being doxxed and being
        ostracized on social media.

        The American people are getting pissed off. Gun sales are
        up 72 percent over this time a year ago. Six Democrat mayors
        in Minnesocold have endorsed Trump. Several Democrat
        politicians and their kept whores in the media are begging the
        rioters to stop because the polling numbers are telling them
        they are playing into Orange Mans hand. The people are
        getting sick and tired of being called racist, white privileged,
        misogynist, Islamophobes, xenophobes, homophobes, and
        knuckle-dragging Neandertals.

        This is a perfect storm and the Democrat party is a sinking
        boat. We have to vote as if we are 15 points down and the
        clock is running out. We do this, and we will win!


  3. I like to think that every gun sold to a first-time buyer comes with an epiphany about those “commonsense gun laws” they seem to love so much, and that every epiphany results in a vote for the “R” side of the ticket.

    (“What? You mean I have to/am not allowed to _________? Oh, this is bullshit!”)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some of those first-time buyers are moderate Democrats. Some
      of them are liberal suburbanites. Some of them are inner-city
      minorities who want to protect their families. The Democrats
      are shitting in their mess kits!


  4. Where do we start? Men, good men will have to decide again to stake their honor, their personal liberties, their families against those people that want to change our way of life, change who we celebrate in our God. We have been relatively comfortable in our lives, not much want or deprivation. That is going to change. The highest wanna-be elected representatives have already said they are coming after us because we dissed them, how thin skinned are you? I use to think you had to be pretty thick skinned to survive politics, not so anymore, I have “feelings” and you disrespected me because I know better then you, how you should live. If you listen to what others are saying, it seems an echo, I am sure what men and women sat around previous tables and taverns back before the War of Independence and War of Northern Aggression … the internet of it’s day and talked about what we, the common man and woman have noted with the transgressions and the overbearing overreach those that represent us have formulated against us. They are not our leaders; they need to be reminded of that again.


  5. I have a sister who lives in bluest blue New England. For all of her adult life she has been anti gun, to the point where we wouldn’t talk for long periods of time because for several years I held an FFL and bought and sold many different weapons.She would periodically try to convince me that she held the moral high ground, with zero success.

    Fast forward to a month ago. My brother, who lives in the same state, texted me one night. He and my sister were at a local gun dealer, looking at pistols and wanting my opinion on some they had in stock. To say I was astounded would be an understatement. She ended up with a Ruger P95DC. She didn’t know that I knew she had bought it and called me a few nights later to ask some questions about it, ammo, and other things she might need.

    When I finally asked what made her decide to go buy a pistol, after all the years of being against gun ownership, her answer was that there had been some protest’s in her neighborhood and she suddenly felt the need to be able to protect herself, widowed 2 years ago, and her kids.

    I’m not certain that she will be in the frame of mind to use it should the need arise at the moment, but I’m hoping to encourage her to get out regularly and at least get comfortable with shooting it.

    TL;DR. Stupid antifa/blm rioters have managed to convert a 40 year gun opponent into a gun owner.


  6. In the back of my mind, I feel that the Dems are way too confident and the election isn’t going to matter. On the world stage our country must be brought down for their new world order to be effectuated. Between almost that entire party and the Rhinos, president Trump has had a target on his head for the last 5 years. He has managed to stay in the game and mostly dodge what has come his way. He has pretty much driven them to the point of insanity and so have we deplorables.

    They can’t stand the thought of four more years and a Trump unleashed.
    Therefore, if Old Black Joe doesn’t have a clear uncontested victory (he doesn’t have a chance) I’m of the opinion the opposition in both parties will bring a nightmare upon this country.

    One world government and a drastically reduced world population is their end game and we’re in the way.

    There’s a bunch of pretty smart people coming to this blog and when Phil brings up a topic like this one, that becomes obvious.
    All good comments guys.


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