Coming Soon

I wasn’t even really trying, just one of those deals that went my way.

I saw these on Fleabay a couple days ago and added it to my Watch List.

Just before I pulled out of the parking lot at work I checked my Email because I finally had some signal and saw the reminder.

The auction was ending in 53 minutes.

How I managed to remember to check it again after I got home will forever be a mystery but with 13 minutes left there was still only one bid, for under ten bucks.

I threw up a bid, threw up a Max Bid just for fun and then got busy doing shit.

Turns out someone made one more bid but my Max Bid covered it and I wound up paying $15 plus tax plus $13 for shipping.

Adjustable reamers in varying condition.

What the hell. I figure the one on the far right is probably worth what I paid for the whole lot.

If any of the other ones are salvageable it’s going to be a big win at that point.

I guess I’ll find out about Tuesday.

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