18 thoughts on “Because FUCK YOU AGAIN, That’s Why

  1. Being a disabled and temporarily crippled geezer, I had all the time in the world
    to watch the Republican National Convention. I did not watch the DNC because
    I knew what it was going to be, a dark vision of America as an evil racist county.
    No matter how many Hollyweird producers and directors, there was no way they
    could polish that fucking turd!

    People tend to forget that President Trump is not only a successful businessman,
    but he is also a world-class showman! Bite-me’s polling numbers have been
    dropping for more than two months. He lost the election long before the Republican
    National Convention Convention began. He is like a 9-year-old Little League player
    going up against the New York Yankees.

    Decades ago, Rush Limbaugh stated that any Republican candidate cannot be
    elected unless he articulates a positive agenda for America. This means Mittens,
    McStain, and GWB’s baby brother and everyone else that challenged Trump in
    the primaries. This is not even going to be a fair fight!

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  2. I saw Trump 2020 and I coudn’t stop laughing. It was President Trump looking straight at the demorats and saying In Your Face MotherFucker!!


  3. Lookit all the purty fireworks! Like a bunch of drooling old farts, looking out the barred windows of your dementia home at all the pretty sparkles. You loser Trump groupies will be crying and wailing, squeeling like little bitches come November 4th! Good ol’ Uncle Joe is *Biden* his time, just because his clever tactics are not readily apparent to you deplorable and grimy grease monkeys, doesn’t mean he forgot where he left them. Go Joe, go Joe!


  4. Do NOT feed the trolls, people. It’s the end of the month and his meth whore mother’s EBT hasn’t been refilled yet with our hard-earned tax dollars. The delirium tremens has set in and he’s striking out in frustration and his Marxist delusions have only gotten worse. Only a few more days and mommy can whip out the ol’ plastic welfare stamp, pick him up a new case of model airplane glue and he can go back to his stupor.


  5. I think the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner with Biden.
    Nasty Pelosi is urging him to not debate Trump. As the runaway nominee,
    the deep-state puppet masters are in a position where they rule only if
    he wins the office, something that is looking like a long shot now. And
    the 500-pound gorilla in the room is the possibility that Barr will drop
    the mother of all October Surprises.

    Far from sitting around with his thumb up his ass, Barrs people grilled
    John Brennan for ten hours in a neutral jurisdiction. Don’t count Barr
    out just yet.

    I have been tracking RCP, the Rassmussen Report daily tracking polls,
    and the Dow Jones on a daily basis since the start of the year. The
    Rassmussen data has been within the same range of 46-51 percent
    presidential approval rating Trump had since he was sworn in and
    their methodology is flawed.

    Since the Donk convention, RCP shows Biden losing ground in the
    battleground states which is at Biden+3 (within the margin of error.)
    And Biden’s lead in the national polls has been cut in half in the
    last few months.

    Nasdaq and S&P have both recovered from the COVID dip and have
    set new records. The DJIA went from a record high (29,308) and hit
    a low of 18,308 in the COVID panic. Post COVID, the Dow has been
    clawing its way back little by little, day by day. It is now at 28,665
    and is only 643 points shy of its all-time high.

    Despite the Democrat’s best efforts to tank the economy, it continues
    to grow. Not even the fact that the Donks still have 10 million people
    stranded on unemployment could stop the economy from growing!

    The Bow-Job Billy campaign had a slogan “Its the economy stupid.”
    Or as Brain-dead Joe put it a three-letter word J-O-B-S. A roaring
    economy and Trump’s stance on the rioters will give him a second
    term. Once reelected, Trump will get even bolder!


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