Friday It Is

Just as I suspected, I was informed this afternoon by my boss that his efforts to keep me on past this tear down and inspection fell on deaf ears.

I wasn’t surprised in the least.

At least this time telling me I’m getting laid off didn’t come out of the blue.

I had three floating holidays still and my vision insurance was temporarily reactivated while I was there so I am taking Friday afternoon off, saying Soyanara and going to get my eyes checked. Then I am going to order some real glasses and say goodbye to the Dollar Store Specials I have been using for the last fifteen years.

I’m probably going to get two pairs, just because.

I don’t care if I have to pay for one out of my ass pocket or not.

Then I am going to pick up where I left off and see about getting that transmission swapped out in the Sprite.

Since there is an Unemployment extension just waiting I ain’t overly worried about finances just this minute but I’m going to start looking around next week and see what I can see.

Just a quick look after I got home shows me there are jobs out there.

Low pay, work requirements including those of a supervisor that they obviously don’t want to pay for, places I wouldn’t even consider and maybe a couple I would. A lot depends on just how much electrical and PLC experience they are wanting.

As we all know I’m Old School.

That was just a quick search on my phone.

I’ll jump into the search after I get some shit done.

I made some money while the getting was good, that’s what it’s all about and no bridges were burnt.

Almost every single job I’ve had over the last thirty five years has come by word of mouth so I’m going to start putting the word out.

In the mean time I still have a day and a half of ass busting in front of me.

18 thoughts on “Friday It Is

  1. Yup, I don’t blame you for making hay while you can. I buy my specs from 39 dollar glasses dot com. They take a little more than a week, and are one heck of a lot cheaper than anywhere local.
    Worth a looksee. I haven’t bought any since the election infection, but look em over, may save some of that coin you just minted.

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  2. Well as they say in the trades, “fuck you! I was looking for a job when I found this one, and I wasn’t looking that hard.!” You’ll do just fine.


  3. Phil, did you tell them you would work future shutdowns? In my case, it saved
    my job! What is the average frequency of planned shutdowns? Can you use
    this to restore other benefits? I used this to great effect for two years while
    working for another company while on layoff. It also extends your unemployment

    If ya can’t beat em, join em!


    • That’s basically what I have been doing the last two weeks.
      I will make sure they know they can call me. We have a guy still working there at 76 years of age who is finally going to retire supposedly at the end of November. When he does it will open up a spot, if I can wait that long.


  4. Good call on the eyeglasses Phil. And you won’t be sorry for having a back-up pair either.Get that eye care plan rolled into your next employment gig too. Priorities ya know.


  5. Best of luck Phil!!

    *Do* you have experience with PLC’s? When I was doing design and programming with Irvington-Moore I got to work with GE, Fanuc, Allen-Bradley, and Westinghouse PLC’s. Ladder logic is ladder logic, easy to program most of the time!


      • 99% of them use “ladder logic”. Look it up, it’s a programming “language” that most process control people can understand because it relates to the equipment being controlled (unlike SCADA).


      • PLC ladder logic is the same as is used on hardwired circuits. I do
        know what language is used on PLCs but programming them is
        usually done with a program. Hardwired or PLC, the basics are
        series control circuits, with a parallel logic ladder. The ladder is
        there to power components like solenoids, panel lamps, coils, etc.
        You cannot have two powered items on the ladder rungs that
        require 110 v for instance which fairly basic.

        You basically do something like this:

        I—–I I—–O—-I

        I I = a normally open switch. O= a coil on a magnetic starter etc. It is
        usually a symbolic language unless things have changed since I
        last read one. The software may be more sophisticated by now.


  6. I too used the $ store glasses for the past 10 years or so, administrative assistant talked me into finally using the vision insurance I had been paying for the same amount of time, Had exam, needed glasses, bought two pair. Almost stroked out on price at $250 per pair, what do you do!
    Administrative assistant found two website that sells glasses after I tore the other two pair up at an unbelievable rate comparison. 6 pair for less than the two original, no issues at all with mine. Manually enter details from prescription after your exam.
    Goggles has a code: GLASSES50 for 50% off your order


  7. Hang in there Phil. Hopefully something good will come your way. For some reason, out this way, everything is busy. Maybe it’s the final breathe or a sign that things are picking up. This is definitely a “Fourth Turning”.


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