14 thoughts on “You Will Never See This Again

  1. Gramma,,what did you do when you were young? Im tryin to decide where to get a job…

    You did WHAT?? You had a pet WHAT?? You and grampa traveled around and did that shit and you bitch if I dont wear a seat belt to go two blocks,, SHEESH!

    How cool a time was that!!?? And how cool a gal does that kinda stuff?
    Nice lookin little car, too..

    Hey, sweetie,, wanna go out for a drink?

    Naaah,, gotta feed my lion,, maybe later..

    Cool stuff, I never saw an Old Timey wooden one in person,, At a rally in Longview they had a wire mesh ball, not all that big and had at least three guys runnin different lines, crossin each other.. CRazy,,

    Where ya find all this is beyond me,, but thanks for doin it.


  2. I saw the motorcycle one at a fair Billed as the “Death something or other”. The carbon monoxide headache afterwards made me want to experience death.


  3. That is “wrong” on so many levels of today’s right-think that you sure as shootin’ won’t EVER see it in the US. Or C, eh? N eh? Deh?, for that matter. Mexico? Maybe.


  4. I always wanted to try riding “The Wall of Death” back when I was younger. I went to several fairs that had them but none of them would let me try it. You’ve only got to do 35 mph to stay on the wall.


  5. I believe they went from this with bikes to dirt track racing with bikes, with no brakes. You know, to save weight and all that hooky shit…


  6. Know how she fed the lion. Walk into a dive bar, get chatting and say “wanna come back to my place and get head deep in my pussy”…


  7. Y’a ever been to the Sturgis Rally. They used to have a “Ring of Death” every year. Much impressive. Never seen the car, but many women on bikes put on the show. Much impressive. And yes, if you hand out money they ride up and snatch it from you. Good shows, much fun.


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