Thank You God

We and the Wifely Unit just watched Melania Trump speak from the Whitehouse and I have to say I think it’s the first time I have heard more than a couple sentences out of her.

I am so thankful that there is finally some class back in the Whitehouse and you know as well as I do that I want to see Donald and Melania stay right where they are for the next four years.

If you have been reading my stuff for any lenth of time you know that I am an unapologetic Redneck.

You know, a Deplorable. I don’t have a whole lotta class because I choose to be that way but I am not representing 300+ million people in front of 7 Billion more every damn day either.

It’s not that I don’t know how, I just choose not to bother with it.

I am old enough though to remember when First Ladies had class.

Whatever you think about Michelle Obama, I will say until the day I die that the bitch has no fucking class.

After 8 years of that, Melania Trump is exactly what a First Lady should be and I am grateful for that as a citizen.

37 thoughts on “Thank You God

  1. I watched it from beginning to end. The thing that impressed me the most was
    the RNC is all about a positive vision for Ameria. The Democrat convention, by
    contrast, was as dark as a film noir movie. It was all about the evil racist Orange
    Man. They even had some chick urging viewers to take a knee during the
    National Anthem. Trump wins by a mile!


  2. Yes, a Lady with grace and pose. I really want her and her husband to occupy that government housing for another four years and then Trump Jr take it for another 8 years.


  3. Mike Obama,
    Now that is a racist race baiter right there.
    Still can’t believe half the country fell for that lie/hoax they pulled. Twice !!!

    Republican Party is a total disappointment too.
    January 2016 the party had not only the White House but, both chambers of congress..
    They did nothing for the American people.
    In the last 4 years it seems the only good was done by President Trump, and then by executive order. That will all be undone the next time the Dems take the White House.

    I held elective office as a Republican at the county level for a 2 year term.
    Couldn’t wait for it to be over. I was blown away at the corruption of the political machine.
    They asked me to run,and backed me. I was a pariah within a few months when they saw I wasn’t a yes man. I was more of a tea party conservative and had no idea how much the party hated them.

    I’m convinced both parties are taking this country straight to hell.
    The only difference is do we get there, by plane or train.


    • My dad at one time ran for and was elected to the local city council. He would agree with you. He never imagined how backwards, backstabbing and corrupt even local politics are.


      • The irony of it for me was when I tried explaining it to people.
        Most had never heard anything about it, so it was just about impossible for them to believe.

        Some pretty good things have happened there since I left.
        They stepped in it a few times and had their asses handed to them.
        I still keep in touch with one or two of the allies, and they direct me to the news stories.
        It’s been exposed more or less but it won’t change anything.
        The players are way too entrenched.

        I don’t know what the answer is besides letting it burn down but, it won’t ever be fixed with the two parties.

        But hey, life’s pretty good now.
        There’s no government around for literally hundreds of miles.
        I’m serious. Think about this. I’ve spent this entire summer building a 1600 sq.ft. garage. I woke up one morning last winter and said I’m doing it. Started making runs to the city 4 hours away and hauling the materials. I literally hauled everything to do it myself. No company around here like Lowes or Home Depot. No lumber yards with delivery trucks bringing trusses. Hauled them in pieces on a 20 ft. deck over trailer and put them together on site. Every nail, screw, glue, all the metal, plywood, insulation. You name it and I got it here. It’s consumed the entire season and pretty much kicked my ass. But I’m almost done and just in time for hunting season.
        Just hung the overhead door and finishing up the wiring. Inside is painted and even added a office/bedroom.
        You know what I had to do to get started? Who do I ask for permission/permits?
        Nobody. I own the property and no one cares what I do. There is no governing body whatsoever.
        I would still be going through the process to break ground back east.
        Not to mention having to pay off zoning officers and code enforcement types.

        Neighbor down the road just added a couple more small cabins for tourists.
        Good for her. I hope next year the tourists can come


  4. I never quite got the appeal of Jackie Kennedy but Melania just makes me smile. She is so much more than just another pretty face. I disagree about Melania though. She’s a Democrat.


    • I have a copy of it and I have punked more libtards with it than I can recall. They sit down to read it with a big smile then start flipping through the pages. It is hilarious.


      • PS I bought two today from eBay. One for me and one for the
        lovely Nurse Rached, a neighbor. Today, she came by and I told
        her that I bought her a book that was guaranteed to make her
        laugh so hard she would wet her panties. Her entire family is
        made up of conservative Texicans. I can’t wait until they arrive!


  5. DR, your difficulty of piercing other’s cognitive dissonance would in part be shared by most readers of Phil’s tool report. Most people are of a decent sort, they don’t readily spot blackguards for what they are, because most of us would not dream of playing such tricks or roles, even if they were to occur to us. I bet that some of the people you helped enlighten didn’t readily thank you for it, most hate it when the truth walks up and slaps them full in the face, they then resent you, ‘shoot the messenger’. That trait isn’t uniquely American, but seems universal. For an old fart, you must be fairly fit, wrestling grizzlies with one arm while erecting your man cave with the other. If you’re trying to make other clapped-out old cripples cringe, or be jealous, it’s working.


    • Aussie my friend, I believe I’m a little bit younger than most of the misfits that gather here. I may be incorrect about that though.
      As far as being fit, that’s kinda in the past tense. I try to stay active but like many here I do have my issues. Coming up on the 6 year anniversary of a near fatal auto accident. It literally took 3 years of my life. Truck driver texting hit me from behind while doing over 50 mph. Many operations later and more artificial parts than I care to count, I’m vertical. Far from pain free but alive and never turned into the dope addicted addic the medical profession did their best to create. It cost me two pretty good jobs and for a long while I didn’t care if I woke up. 3 years sitting in a chair can do that to ya.

      Anyhow, I move around now just a bit slower and, pretty much have to think about everything I do. But I’m here, pretty happy and never took a penny one from the tax payers. Family,friends, lawyers all said apply for SS disability. Never crossed my mind.
      I didn’t even ask for my covid cash.

      I remember what attracted me to this blog.
      That picture of Phil giving the world the bird.
      Said to myself, now that right there is a guy who gets it.
      Most posters here are of the same breed.
      I love you guys and you make me laugh most days. And, we don’t quit. Respect!!!!!!!

      Now carry on


      • Slow is good, it is what I do, I had a inferior Remus fractured when I was 22 (Inferior/Superior Remus are 4 bones that make up and stabilizes your Pelvic Arch or Girdle. the Right Inferior Remus was fractured by a another truck driver backing into my asshole while I was bent over the ICC bumper on my trailer listening for an air leak. Then spent 3 hours over that same bumper because I was at that time by myself at 4:30am until 7:30 when the other drivers got in and could not slide off. I was in a wheel chair for 6 months until I could learn to walk again. All the while in school for my nursing prerequisites. My hips are not aligned and 42 years of wear and I do not move fast, nor can I run. I am truly a Sons of Arthritis Biker… A hip replacement or two is in my future if I live that long…


        • You better live that long you sorry ass.
          As soon and the china scam is done and, Phil stops screwing around and gets a real job, he’s throwing a weekend lond keg and steak party. We’re all gonna be there. Have a blast getting the old codger across the street drunk, taunting the brothers into a all out brawl and whopping their assas so bad they can’t show their faces again in that part of town. Phil’s neighbors will be so happy they pay for a annual get together for the next five years.
          You’re going to be there Cederq or we’re all coming and pissing on your grave.


          • Sorry to disappoint you Death, I am to be cremated and my ashes to be flushed… last time in my life I will have a smoking hot body. Ain’t no body getting my ashes to scatter or keep.


            • I kinda get what you’re saying.
              Told my people just lay out on a mountain and let the bears and wolves have one on me. Final result is I’m a tundra turd.
              Now let me hear The greenies and tree huggers top that one.


  6. I promised our dear leader Phil that I would keep track of the day by day numbers
    of viewership of both the Democrat and Republican conventions and any post-
    election bounce by both candidates. The Democrats kept whores in the media
    showed that the DNC day one was higher than the RNC Day one. On day two,
    I discovered the Democrat convention was down 40 percent from day one. On
    day two of the Republican convention, the numbers rose, by how much who
    knows? You stand a better fucking chance of getting your hands on the nuclear
    codes than seeing the raw numbers!

    As for any bounce, Alzheimer Joe’s went down nationally and in the battleground
    states since the convention started. As for Trump, he is in the same range of
    46-51 percent he has enjoyed since he was reelected. The Rassmussen
    Report methodology of a three day rolling average does not work if they
    don’t take polls on the weekends. We are exactly where we were in 2016
    when heavily Democrat oversampled polls showed Felonia von Pantsuit
    was going to win in a landslide. If they haven’t changed their methodology,
    they are going to get fucked again!

    In spite of 10,000,000 people still unemployed by COVID Nazi the stock markets
    are above or just short of their pre-COVID 19 highs. Trump is going to win re-
    election and the Senate will be in the hands of the GOP. The only question
    that remains is will these riots will piss off enough traditional Democrat
    factions to flip the House?

    That question will be answered in November!

    I will send Phil my interactive presidential and Senate maps on the eve of the
    election. The night before the 2016 election, I produced a map that nailed the
    exact electoral count. I live for this shit. I predicted that Trump would win
    Michigan the night before the election on the basis of his final rally in
    Lansing. The Motor City Mad Man (AKA Theodorus the Atrocious AKA
    Ted Nugent) warmed up the audience before Trump’s speech. Trump
    is not going to lose this election because he knows the American people
    and what they want! As Joe Biden said it is a three-letter word “Jobs.”


  7. Yanno, there is something about President Trump that touched a nerve with the
    forgotten man, the people in states that they call “flyover states,” Deplorables,
    smelly Walmart shoppers, and “uneducated hillbillies.” While President Trump
    is not a hillbilly, he has more in common with them than the coastal liberal elites.

    Redneck In The White House:


  8. Mr. egorr, your two yapping friends, Bitter & Twisted, formerly known as the Cederq and Deathray shitshow, would need to display better manners before they front at my Embassy. You, Leonard, Grog and others are welcome though. No need to leave your thongs at the door (I mean flip-flops, don’t get the wrong idea), not that the attack Rotties will chew ’em, but those sneaky Kiwis from the NZ apartment ’embassy’ next door will likely steal them to ship home. They call them jandles (rhymes with candles), apparently the height of sophistication in Auckland and Wellington. Oh, tell Phil to bring the old codger from across the street along too, I’d like to hear how he has had to help out the young whippersnapper with advice.


  9. I forgot, Herr Doktor Unfuck is welcome too, especially if he brings some Austrian beer along as well. Do leave those hangers-on of yours, Cederq and Deathray, munching on bratwurst and God-alone knows what else produces their smelly belchs and farts, behind in your bier-garten.


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