28 thoughts on “How Long Before She Runs For Office?

  1. Another front runner for Cashier of the Week at Wally World.
    Hand them three dollars and twenty-eight cents to round up your change to a whole bill increment, and watch them melt down and call for a manger. Can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve corrected people that can’t run a register by doing math in my head. Pathetic actually…..

    The New Atlantis of the Northeast – Whitehall, NY

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    • A while back I gave the cashier a twenty for a <$5 purchase. She gave me back the wrong amount of coins, a $1 and a $20. When I said that's not right, she about blew a gasket, hurriedly snatched the $1 and gave me a $5. I still had the $20. I said, that's not right either. I began to tell her but she then grabbed everything back then handed me the $20, a $1 and the wrong amount of coins.

      My devilish streak came out and I insisted we start from scratch. She played along for a bit then called the manager over. And this with digital registers!


  2. I was worried about how we’d fix all this govt corruption etc but I think POTUS/Q have that in hand for the most part. Those 180,000+ sealed federal indictments aren’t just sitting there for show.

    The thing that really worries me is how do we fix all the stupid people after we run run the corrupt criminals out of govt? They have literally lied to us about EVERYTHING…….every aspect of our culture and history so we’ll all need remedial education of some kind but that poor girl and millions like her don’t even have a grasp on basics like reading, writing and math. I’m kinda glad I only have another 20 years or so left on this rock.

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    • I second that. If she’s a loving wife to her husband and a good mother to her children that would be just fine.
      I am pretty sure she knows where and how to buy groceries without running into a major financial desaster.


      • I know a guy with an X wife like that.
        She went to the doctor for an infection and the doc told her it was an STD.
        She asked what that meant.
        He said it meant Sexually Transmitted Disease
        Well, how would I get that, she said..
        Knowing the family quite well, doc said probably from your husband.
        It was three years before she finally figured it out and left him.


  3. Sure she wasn’t taught some strange new math? Starting from the left is pretty weird. She was able to add the columns though. I was happy when the cashiers’ computers started telling them the change. It was painful watching the young try to make change – and just try to explain a mistake.


  4. Last night I watch Kate Bennett ask people on the street easy questions like, What month do we vote? One – ONE – of many got it right. When she asked, Who is the Commander In Chief? only the one got it correct. Some thought it was a trick question, others answered, You mean like the C-I-C of the beach? Kate then followed up to ask, Have you heard the term before. All answered in the affirmative. All respondents were of voting age and did say they would vote.

    This is the real pandemic. It was planned all along.


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