15 thoughts on “I Ain’t That Lucky

  1. I am sure you are gonna be under a machine or on top of it when you pass the sweet bye and bye… either that or knuckle deep in your Sprite after cussing it for the three hundredth time cause the damn bolt holes won’t line up…


  2. Is our host getting depressed? I fucking loved my job before being sidelined by
    a disability, even though I was working for the worst boss on the planet. Before
    that, the aches and pains were manageable. Keep a stiff upper lip Phill!


  3. One day you’ll give Phoard and Generic Motors products the flick, as they rightfully deserve, and switch to Dodge. My first car was a ’67 VC series Valiant Wayfarer ute, with the good old bullet-proof 225ci Slant Six motor. It had been my brother’s car first, and he’d bought it from a tyre dealer who must’ve been a bit of a hoon, as it was wearing extractors and triple-Webers and had a lumpy cam. After years passed, I bought it, but by then it had only a factory intake manifold and a single-barrel Carter. My tightarse brother had swapped the triple rig for the standard, plus a carton of grog, of course. It would still pull 112mph on the straight, often airborne with shot shockies and retread tyres, and a Pitmann arm that let the steering wheel wander while on or above the bitumen. I wonder where she is now?


    • After 1972, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth took the proverbial shit. That is when they started putting in cheap assed plastic in the interior and exteriors, made the lame assed lean-burning engines that were crap! You can’t even get me to sit as a passenger in a Chrysler product unless it was made before 1972. I have owned a lot of Chrysler products so I ain’t blowing out-my-ass. I too did like the slant sixes in them. With a header and a 500cfm 4 barrel carburetor, and some mild massaging of the engine and a decent cam they were quicker off the line and could beat Cameros and Firebirds, Mustangs.


  4. Later on I bought a ’77 CL series Valiant ute with a 245ci 6-cyl donk (Chrysler cast 215 and 265ci blocks too) made at their Adelaide SA plant. They used to run entire rooms full of these long motors without coolant, until the blocks were cherry-red, then shut off the fuel, rated them as already run-in. These engines had electronic ignition, great thing for the tropics. Fords and Holdens had to pull over after driving through water that had splashed on their distributor, I’d drive by in my Valiant and splash them. You wouldn’t do that, would you?


  5. Always a good idea to have a Real Good Excuse for not showing up to work. I’m sure they’d want a not from your doctor, though. Funeral Directors or embalmers might do in a pinch!


  6. I bought an ’81 CM series Valiant sedan with a 4.0L ELB 6-cyl, bog standard cruiser with TorqueFlite slushbox. Damn, it was hard to keep my licence with that old Valiant. When tightarse Chrysler sold their plant to Mitsubishi, the Japs kept the big sedans on line as Variants! They were making way more money with them than their Sigma or Lancer 4-pots. Mitsubishi’s company president took one of the Aussie CM Valiant Regals with a 360ci donk home to Japan, as a fun car to frighten the local rice-rockets with. He said it was a good car, but cost him A$20,000 to buy enough car parking space, too dear even for him.


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