15 thoughts on “Damn, ANTIFA Just Got Serious!

  1. Well, if it;s a multi-fuel engine it probably would.
    Our deuce and a half’s and 5 tons would run on any hydrocarbon you put in their tanks.
    Diesel,gas, kerosene cooking oil, burnt oil from oil changes….


  2. JS-III Stalin Heavy Tank. Maybe they were going for the Pink Panther Desert paint job like the SAS has (had) on their Land Rovers and missed the mark. Or the gay pride people are bringing in the heavy stuff


  3. That’s a serious case of the DTs!
    I ran out of booze, got the shakes, and I swear I saw a giant pink tank outside. I’ll never stop drinking again.


    • My Uncle Chester never saw a pink tank as far as I know but he did see Indians stealing the hubcaps off his ’56 Ford (It was ’56). He later, much later, cleaned up his act.


    • One addition if the gun shoots and HITS what it is AIMED at then OK. Although. if you can’t hit it with the gun you can always run over it


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