Shhhhh! Be Vewy Vewy Quiet

After working Swingshift for many years and going to bed when the birds start chirping at O Dark Thirty, it has taken a bit of adjustment to getting up about the same time I used to go to sleep.

On top of being dead tired from busting my ass all week I see my body has made that adjustment.

As tired as I was yesterday after a 12 hour shift I somehow managed to stay up until damn near Midnight without nodding off in my chair and when I did go to bed I slept hard. Of course there was that usual gotta get up and take a piss in the middle of the night thing but other that that, I was out.

So now I am up and awake and it wasn’t even seven o:clock in the morning when I woke up.

I threw a cuppa in the nukulizer and went outside to enjoy it and have a smoke.

It wasn’t raining even though it’s clouded over. That will burn off later probably.

What I noticed is how quiet it was.

Nobody was moving around, no cars driving by, I either couldn’t hear or automatically tuned out the traffic noises from the local area, it was just…. quiet.

Not even a bird chirping.

I finished that and came back in the house and flipped open the laptop.

It was so quiet in here I could hear the little fan come on and then I could hear a cat crunching on some Kibbles clear in the other room.

I can’t even remember when it was so quiet around here.

No fucking televisions blasting, nothing.

Fuck me is it nice.

I have shit to do today, my only day off this week, of course.

But right this minute I am just going to sit here and enjoy the peace and quiet for a few minutes.

It’s a rare moment anymore.

6 thoughts on “Shhhhh! Be Vewy Vewy Quiet

  1. 2 on 2 off 3 on 3 off turned me into a zombie. Old folks I worked with ended up in surgery (and one lazy ass helped) get me 13 days on straight right before I went to fire fighting training for a week plus. I honestly didn’t want to do that for twenty more years. My old unit is doing it again. Retirements plus surgeries, two transfers (and my firing) put the guys at a mando 7 on 7 off schedule with no off time. My old buddy ended up doing 21 days straight of swing shifts, some 18hrs.
    You can keep those. Ill stay broke instead of getting broke. They are hiring again but I wont reapply.


  2. Yeah Phil, it’s great when others find out the ‘off’ button isn’t just a decoration. Regarding the nightly waterworks, perhaps you and Cederq can get a bulk rate on Depends? Or, if he is still nearby, get his advice on using a catheter? Wow, must be a bummer getting old, glad I don’t have to worry about that for a while!


  3. I hear ya on the quiet. My wife has to have talk radio, which is mostly commercials on while still in bed. She wants to hear the weather. I tell her I’ll go look out the window for her. She keeps the volume as low as possible though. Then as soon as her feet hit the floor, the TV has to be on.

    I like to contemplate the universe for an hour or two before subjecting myself to the rest of the day of being sprayed with BS out of a fire hose(s).


  4. For the last several months it’s been quiet around here. And God knows, I needed it. I can hear kids playing down the street some days. Reminds me that life ain’t over. And I’m glad it’s still clicking along.

    Enjoy the quiet before it’s gone.. I know I will.



  5. I said earlier that after 38 years of swing shift (off at 0130, ten hour shifts), I wondered how long it would take me to become a day person again. About a week.
    And 30 years of that living within 1/4 mile of a freeway. We’ve retired to the Oregon Outback ™, and when the weather allows open windows at night, the only thing we hear are crickets, frogs, and the occasional coyote sing-out. Sometimes they’re right over the back fence, other times they’re miles away. Absolute bliss.
    Good on ya Phil, find your peace where you may.


    • After 52 years of working with computers, I now get to kick back and enjoy sleeping in and shutting things off and enjoying quiet for a change.
      Out here at Maple rise Campground, even though there is NOBODY else on site, at night the crickets are so bloody loud we have to close all the windows and run the A/C to cool down the RV. I don’t have a DB meter, but I’m willing to bet that the sound level is about 55 DBa, and that’s doggone *noisy*. Well, we head back to Spokane tomorrow, where I can listen to the morons in their Harleys cruise down the road at oh-dark-thirty, revving their engines (because they can), and listen to Burlington Northern-Santa Fe roll through the neighborhood with another unit train. Every five minutes, average, from about 03:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. – it’s the BNSF Northern Main line between Seattle and Chitcago and carries a LOT of freight!

      But I’ll take the relative quiet here compared to the relative quiet of a typical suburban neighborhood anyway, the deer don’t complain, the Turkeys gobble quietly, the owls are mostly quiet, and even the raptors (hawks mostly) aren’t too terribly loud, either. If it weren’t for the flies and mosquitoes it would actually be ideal.

      There’s always next year!


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