Just In Case You Needed More Proof That All Of This Kung Flu Hysteria And Lockdown Is A Load Of Horse Shit

Stars attending VMAs from out of state will not be subject to New York quarantine mandate

The mandate requires a 2-week quarantine for those traveling to New York from coronavirus hotspots.

Stars will have the privilege of skipping out on New York’s 14-day quarantine mandate when they visit for the MTV Video Music Awards next week.

The awards, set for Aug. 30, will take on a different format this year as performances will be held outdoors with little to no audiences due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As the event usually serves as a who’s who of the music biz, many celebrities will be in attendance, but will not be required to adhere to the 14-day quarantine rule put in place by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, according to the New York Post.

Instead, law enforcement will ensure that the stars and their teams are wearing masks and socially distancing.

So these fuckers are apparently immune?

Just like the “Protesters”?

Just like the politicians attending pompous funerals?

But us Plebians and ONLY us Plebians are highly susceptible?

Enough is enough.

18 thoughts on “Just In Case You Needed More Proof That All Of This Kung Flu Hysteria And Lockdown Is A Load Of Horse Shit

  1. Well, geez, Phil, you don’t expect the Hoi Polloi to conform to the same rules as us dirt people, do you? I mean, c’mon man, these are stars, don’cha know.

    You’re such a whiner!!

    Cuomo needs to be shot. Both of them. AND their little DeBlah-ze-oh dog, too!

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  2. Well, yeah, duh!
    The mask is a purely psychological weapon against any populace in the world. It’s proven to traumatize the wearer. You can’t have that for stars.
    It’s a symbol of submission, a reinforcement of the lies around a simple virus that’s harmless to most of us.
    First stop: obligatory masks. Check.
    Second stop: forced vaccination.

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  3. I reckon that Deathray and Cederq would have a grand old time at an annual parade held in Oxford St., Sydney. Their mutual anal fixation could be put to use on a display float, much to the glee of other willing participants! Though San Francisco is closer for them, that poor harbour must suffer a terrible Vaseline slick on it.


  4. Unfuck, this is the wrong thread, on the wrong blog, but do you approve of Turtle Cove Resort on the Marlin Coast as a suitable site for Deathray and Cederq to be posted as beer-virus camp guards? I’ll let you suss out a search engine’s report. Strangely, it is a site that has never reported a shark or croc attack, despite all the beach goers, and turtles.


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