11 thoughts on “Pretty Sure They Aren’t WalMart Greeters

    • I’ve got one that I bought back sometime Feb.
      Only worn it twice.
      It causes quite the reaction, mostly good as the majority seem to pick up that I’m wearing it in protest.


  1. Hey egorr, a chance I might be moving to Spokane… what fun can be had with the two of us loose on Division… I would wear a plague mask and britches! When I saw this I thought Phil was modeling his new PPE gear.


  2. Thurs, Fri, Sat a week ago I put in 32 hours.
    Mon through Sat this week I put in 65. (97 hours in 9 days with one day off). I have tomorrow off, have to go to my Aunts and put some Peg Board up, a shelf and something else in her She Shed then come home, put a new blade and hub on a neighbors lawn mower.
    Then and only then can I just maybe take a fucking break.
    You can just start calling me Mortar.
    If i sit down for more than just a few minutes I start setting up like concrete.
    Yeah, it’s kicking my ass and as a matter of fact I was just now nodding off in my chair.


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