So How Come I Am Not Being Completely Bombarded Every Hour On The Hour On Every Available Medium About The Current Number Of Covid-19 Deaths Anymore?

A month ago it was impossible to turn on my phone or computer without getting BLASTED with Covid-19 infection and current death tallies.

It didn’t freaking matter where I turned that crap was being shoved into my face relentlessly.

I started wondering when that stopped and can’t quite put my finger on it but it has been a little while at least.

Did we finally “Flatten The Curve” or something and maybe they just forgot to tell us?


Dirty fucking bastards anyway.

Just for fun, I want you to try this to prove my point.

Open another tab or just go to Google.

Type in any random 3 digit number and then type in the words Covid Deaths.

Do that several times with any random 3 digit number.

Then come back here and tell everyone what you found.

Now look around and see if you can find a news source that has the current number of Kung Flu deaths in the top 3 stories.

Mmmh Hmm?

You know damn good and well by now that this has been a political hit job on every single one of us, nation wide.

There is your proof.

25 thoughts on “So How Come I Am Not Being Completely Bombarded Every Hour On The Hour On Every Available Medium About The Current Number Of Covid-19 Deaths Anymore?

  1. Out here in Burnt Scrotum CA, which is a part of San Bernardino County, the
    daily COVID reports are well balanced. They list total cases, deaths, and the
    recovery numbers. Even though I am sweating my ass off, I would never
    return to LA County. It is great to live in a red county!

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  2. I would have guessed end of sept into oct, depending on there “polling” numbers😂😂.

    Google—…..well bless My soul….Everyone, is a Winner😂😂😂.

    Absolute, Unrepentent, Evil

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    • Unless Trump wins, then it will go on forever! The good news is
      Trump’s polling numbers are up, and the spread is tightening in
      Trump’s favor. We have had three full days of the Democrat
      National Convention, and there no sign of a bounce. So far,
      it hasn’t even twitched.

      The next impeachment will be this phony post office scam.
      Normal PO procedures are being criminalized by the Donks!

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      • The correct answer to your question is the death rate is sinking
        like a rock tossed into the Marianas Trench. The kept whores
        in the media needed a new metric to scare the shit out of the
        American people. Now, their boogyman is the number of new
        cases. New cases are irrelevant with a virus with a 99.6 percent
        survival rate. The problem is that math and science are not being
        taught in school these days.

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  3. Speaking of the Chink Flu, did you guys hear the latest news? A guy walked
    into a Delta Airlines jet without a mask. The flight crew gave him a ration of
    shit. He told them I am not going to wear a mask because I an not a pussy!
    The guy was Robert Oneill, the Seal Team Six member who ventilated the
    forehead of Osama bin-Laden. Way to step on your dicks Delta. You just
    created a public relations nightmare!


  4. I suppose you’re going to be claiming you weren’t killed by the virus next.

    The nerve of some people trying to claim they didn’t die when the narrative CLEARLY indicated they were killed.

    Unrelated: The daily ration of chocolate has been increased from 5g to 4g.


    • I love 1984 references. I have heard audio clips from the first
      3 nights of the Democrat National Convention. It was one long
      two minutes hate directed against President Trump and he was
      painted as Goldstein.


  5. Did the numbers search, yep, what Phil said.

    The interesting thought now is, what will be the next “crisis”, it appears the post office box scare is not having the effect the traitors wanted it to.


  6. I let you down again Phil, I could only get figures for Australia, must be my service carrier location setting. “*** covid deaths” would always display a lower claimed number, always locally. Google said 463 total in Australia. Out of curiosity, I checked Bing and DuckDuckGo against the Jewnews Google, both said 438. Given my wilful ignorance (as a cranky old fart), I was surprised it was that high, most are in plague-ridden Melbourne.


  7. Did three searches and got the same results except for the 201 search; that only resulted in new cases, not deaths. Interesting exercise.


  8. Bing has US map with red circles on each state sized for total cases (not active sick). Ca&Fl are biggest. Click on circle for more data and state state by county option. Ca&Fl around 10k deaths, Ny 32k…but Cuomo did it right…….riiight.


  9. When they started with the global warming shit, it took about two years for me to connect the dots, the” Removing weather station in the park, replacing with one at the airport, yeah, we will have to adjust down a little ” really did it for me.. Can’t count the times I know we’ve been lied to and manipulated,
    This one, I wasn’t convinced it was being used to buffalo us for around two weeks.. that’s when I stopped going places that demanded a mask. Almost two weeks later I just said Fukkitt and started walking past them,. . I am nearly always the only adult in a store without a mask, depending on what Kinda store..
    Grocery. , masks everywhere
    Liquor, about an even mix
    Tractor Supply, a less than fifty/ fifty mask wearing scene
    The place I get glasses had the most stern notice,
    If you don’t Have one, we will Give you one..

    The lady who is the only person I’ll let adjust my frames ,, no mask.
    Everyone else, even little kids, masks, obviously home built buy mom.
    Her strong, healthy looking husband who looks like he makes his living outdoors, wearing a damned mask… I unintentionally allowed my feelings about that to show on my face when we made eye contact..
    Thankfully, he wasn’t offended,, this crippled up old man wouldn’t last five seconds,,

    Anyway, that’s what it looks like in Longview Texas..
    Ohhh,, credit union, very stern note on the door, went in, security guard just inside, next to receptionist, I’m the only one without one, and nobody wagged a finger at the short, overweight, graybeard.

    Full disclosure
    I have one wadded up in my pocket, JUST in case someone goes nuts and threatens me with cops.. I can strap it on and GTFO..


    • When I worked for the Fed EPA, part of my job was calibrating and inspecting NAMS/SLAMS sites. (National Air Monitoring System/State and Local Air Monitoring System. Yes, the folks who bring you O3, CO, PM10 particulate and other weather data numbers that are used to club citizens over the head. I was the grunt-on-the-ground in 2 Midwestern states for about 5 years.
      I doubt if 5% of the sites met parameters regarding siting away from external influences like runways, A/C units and factories. They might have started out properly sited but urban/suburban creep screwed the data.
      I was a pariah at work because I told them straight up “global warming” was consolidated fecal matter. Never got hassled because nobody else was willing to actually go into the field and work, and the office had a certain amount of field work to do so they could go to their meetings.
      But us old barstewards are retired and nobody’s left in the field. It’s all pencil-whipped. NMFP. But remember the data is usually a lie.


  10. Up stream Leonard Jones states “new cases” is the boogyman. Leonard is correct as many people are seeing through the BS. So the powers to be have to change the narrative and new cases along with misrepresenting the data seems to fit the bill.


  11. If you type in a random three digit number and a number of locations have a four or more digit deaths of course there are going to be a number of locations with that three digit number of deaths make sure to look at the dates of when each location has that number. No conspiracy just numbers


  12. “So How Come I Am Not Being Completely Bombarded Every Hour On The Hour On Every Available Medium About The Current Number Of Covid-19 Deaths Anymore?”

    The answer to this question is simple Phil, American media panders to the American myopic world view. COVID-19 is still big news in the rest of the world but you will not see any of that because in the (not so) United States real news is almost impossible to come by unless you go digging and Americans are just too lazy to do that. If you did take a hard look at what’s going on you’d see how the rest of the world sees America as a pariah. FYI Phil, roughly 90% of all the world’s countries have closed their doors to American travellers.

    Here’s a little catch-up in COVID-19 news for you Phil. Out here in the real world, COVID-19 is all but beaten and the worry is that the second wave of COVID-19 will begin when it gets colder and people have to go indoors. Meanwhile, in the (not so) United States you guys haven’t finished with the first wave. In America, Covid-19 has caused the deaths of more Americans than all the people who have died in every war since the end of WW2, And, at the rate things are going, it’s looking like that landmark will be broken in a couple of months.

    BTW Phil, your tagline “Documenting The Death Of America” is very appropriate considering what’s going in the (not so) United States.


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