No Way!

I would have bet money it couldn’t happen. Now I want to know where he put them because that bird should be swole up big around the middle!

Where go

While you are here, maybe you can explain this one too?


Hot foot

8 thoughts on “No Way!

  1. I had a cat like that bird. He could actually eat more than my wife. Little guy weighed about seven pounds, too.

    As for the cat with the gas burner: no. No, I can’t explain what that cat’s doing.


  2. When we were kids, it was great sport to let a couple of ducks follow us into the garden and then we’d spade over shovels of dirt full of earthworms. They’d hoover them up until their crops would drag on the ground and they couldn’t move anymore.
    And for the cat, yeah, singed fur is such an interesting stink.


  3. I saw a pelican chock down a 3.5 lbs trout between a friend and I one day in out belly boats, could have sworn it would die but it swam on and made us look like fools for fly fishing


  4. Cats are fucking stupid. All that shit about stealthy hunters falls apart when you
    actually see how clumsy they are. I lost track of the times my semi-feral Tomcat
    missed a jump and fell on his ass. The worst part of cat ownership is having
    one of the bastard’s leap on you while you are in bed. They can sense when
    they are losing traction and out come the claws! The little bastard was my
    alarm clock this morning!


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