Either The Bravest Or The Stupidest ANTIFA Protestors On The Entire Planet?

Watching this I would say they are the luckiest.

Trying to pull their bullshit right in the middle of downtown Sturgis full of thousands of Biker Trump supporters, they are damn lucky the cops bum rushed them back to safety before the Bikers tore them into tiny little pieces.


13 thoughts on “Either The Bravest Or The Stupidest ANTIFA Protestors On The Entire Planet?

  1. “There is no level of physics capable of measuring that amount of stupidity.” Supposedly, this quote is from Einstien, but whomever said it, or made it up, it certainly applies here. Morons.


  2. Words can not express my complete disappointment in the police. All they had to do was sign in, go for a coffee, check out a few cattle that strayed on to the road thirty miles south of town and go to the department family picnic.
    The next day, a huge portion of the bullshit they put up with would be gone.

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  3. They know the Cops will protect them.

    Count on one hand the number of times they haven’t done so. No get a lot of your friends together and use all the hands available to count how many times the Cops have stood back and let the Antifa folks beat the crap out of whoever they wanted to.


  4. This is the third version I have seen, The big guy with purple hair they were leading away kicked a bike. The cops saved his life by arresting him.


      • The cops were already there but they were standing back. When big purple hair kicked the bike the antifa group was bum-rushed and were getting pummeled by the bikers when the cops stepped in to stop it. All of the antifa left with bruises.


  5. I would have paid good money to see the cops just walk away from the Panty-
    Fags and leave them to the bikers. My favorite phrase came from Dennis
    Miller who was describing how bad Mondale lost his election. He said Mondale
    got his ass stomped like a Narc at a biker rally. If the cops hadn’t gotten the
    commies out the city would have to send someone around with a broom and
    a dustpan to remove their remains!

    PS I was waiting to see if the Proud Boys would return to start kicking panty-
    Fag ass and they did. Yesterday in Kalamazoo, they went on an ass-kicking
    spree against Panty-Fag and BLM. The American people are getting tired
    of this shit and are now fighting back!

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    • I would too have loved to see the cops step back and let the Bikers curb stomp those ass wipes, it would have been epic! These are the guys that are going to be a big part of taking our country back.


  6. I think there’s more to this than we’re being told. As Phil posted about the Portlandistan pantyfags there, they are testing methods and strategies. It’s all coordinated, and what works for them will be tried everywhere.

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    • I’m kinda in agreement, these are sorties to test “enemy” resolve. BUT, when the dam breaks the Pantifags *are* gonna get curb stomped and the cops most likely will stand down and watch the fun.

      Any bets?


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