Trump’s Younger Brother Robert Has Passed Away

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Aug. 15, 2020

President Trump’s younger brother, Robert, dead at 71

President Trump’s younger brother, Robert Trump, a businessman known for an even keel that seemed almost incompatible with the family name, died Saturday night after being hospitalized in New York, the president said in a statement. He was 71.

The president visited his brother at a New York hospital on Friday after White House officials said he had become seriously ill.

5 thoughts on “Trump’s Younger Brother Robert Has Passed Away

  1. I should have known even before he died that the cockwombles on the left
    was spewing its usual bullshit. Yesterday, it was reported that he was on
    death’s door due to COVID 19. It turns out he died from a brain bleed after
    a fall. Trump’s father was an honorable man who taught his children to
    succeed on their own. Nobody on the left can carry a jockstrap for any
    member of the Trump Family (women included!)


  2. I was gladdened to hear that DJT managed to get to visit his brother shortly before Robert passed away, I never got to my Dad in time. I was happy for the both of them.

    Rest in Peace, Robert, ya done good.


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