26 thoughts on “Oh Yeah

      • Phil, what happened to your Sprite buyer? I thought you’d got lucky all of a sudden. When you fix it, don’t drive it too bloody far, then put the combined efforts of your readers into finding a buyer for you. Or, sell it to Herr Unfuck von U for his classic car fleet. You can honestly claim the few miles on the odometer as true.


  1. Only 123° forecasted for today in
    Furnace Creek California
    But as you get to tell friends and relatives back east…….It’s not so bad It’s a dry heat ! ☀️


  2. Geezerdom just fucked me in the ass with a 40 grit sandpaper condom. I did not
    even get the benefit of K-Y Gel or Vasaline! I walked out of my pad to fire up the
    barbecue for a Chicken Mole dinner. I fell down and twisted my fucking right
    knee. It was like one of those old alert commercials where some old cunt
    says “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

    It sucks getting old.


    • Leonard, I hope that barbecue was celebrating VJ Day? Did everyone laugh when you fell over, or run over in concern? In my experience, that marks the decline into old-farthood. I hope you can milk that twisted knee for all the sympathy you can get from young girls.


    • Mr Leonard, do you want me to organize a “Go Fund Me” page to buy you a walker with wheels and a little cart so you can race it up and down the street with the other old farts too? Get better, ice that knee and take plenty of heroin for the pain. But seriously get better and take it easy!


      • Cederq, don’t you know any student nursie girls that you can convince to go help out Leonard? I’m sure he’d be grateful.


        • No, I haven’t worked as a nurse since 2004. Besides, I was hell on student nurses, I didn’t take their shit and I dished it out by the buckets. I believe in the old adage, “Nurse’s eat their young.” Pansy assed no nothing student nurses… clean up shit, puke, blood? I am special, I don’t do that, they did it. I was not popular with students and interns. They were maggots and sub human and I treated them as such and as if they were in boot camp.


      • I’m fine. I have my vodka and OJ, and the lovely Nurse Rached
        brought me one of her special brownies. Her baked confections
        helped a lot when I was having back pains a while ago. I am as
        anti-drug as they come, but her brownies have had a therapeutic
        effect the few times I used them.


      • To all: I think I’ll be alright. My self-diagnosis indicates the
        the knee was not dislocated and I doubt anything is broken,
        since I spent an hour or so finishing dinner even if I was
        limping like Grandpa McCoy. The way I fell, the lower leg
        tried to rotate clockwise from my perspective. I think I
        stretched a tendon.

        The pain is a little hard to describe without finding several more
        languages to cuss in though.

        PS I want to find the chick on the Internet fuck her with a tree-
        stump for her Chicken Mole recipe. Everything was perfect
        except the sauce. I should have known better than to use a
        recipe posted by a chick with a Nordic Surname. The next
        time I try to make an authentic Mexican dish, I will settle for
        nothing less than a fat Mamacita!


        • Use that hot sauce as a knee rub, Leonard. I busted the meniscus in both knees and had a tibial plateau fracture across the right, read another chapter in the pain book each time. A young Estonian lady physiotherapist helped me, I hope you can get some of the same!


  3. An update: After dinner, I was so wiped out I laid down for a couple of hours.
    I almost passed out from the pain when I had to get up and take a piss. There
    is something to be said about the coaches who told us to walk it off. I pulled,
    twisted, strained, and sprained just about everything in my working days,
    and just gritted my teeth and kept working. This was a little worse, but usually,
    the real pain came the next morning. I am going to try to stay on my feet as
    long as I can stand it. It worked in the past.

    I am used to pain, I lost count of the number of times some evil cunt cut my
    heart out, so what’s a little physical pain?


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