It Had Better Be The First Of Many

There is a metric shitload of people who were involved in the phony FISA warrants and the spying on Trumps campaign.

Durham probe: Ex-FBI lawyer to plead guilty in first criminal case arising from review, sources say

This guy was a low level POS attorney they nailed. Hopefully they start working up from there. 

The story is at Fox News.

12 thoughts on “It Had Better Be The First Of Many

  1. Oh, Phil. I wish you would take the time to verify the stories you rant about. Fox News is the American equivalent to the old Soviet-era Pravda and just about as believable unless you’re a special kind of stupid. You’re not a special kind of stupid are you Phil?


    • Yeah the Lincoln Project
      Who’s the tool ?

      Oh yeah tool I don’t have access to tv so I’m not brainwashed by fox news but I have internet and know the Lincoln Project is a commie group

      Go play with your friends in the street now, tool.


      • Obviously this is work of a historically illiterate moron. An Autistic
        pre-teen has a better grasp of this subject than ANYONE who would
        post this bullshit. As a third-grader in the early sixties, I learned the
        basics in my civics class. We learned about the separation of powers,
        how a bill becomes law, and the role of the electoral college in a
        Republican form of government.

        This slavery bullshit is the last gasp of a corrupt political ideology
        that is at this moment dying of terminal stupidity! Yes, some of our
        Founding Fathers owned slaves but they were mostly inherited and
        the Founders were mostly anti-slavery. Yeah, they made a deal
        with the devil in order to form the Republic, but they put a ticking
        time bomb in the Constitution they knew would eventually lead to
        abolition. The person who posted this bullshit is oblivious to the
        ratification process, which was the true cause of the Civil War

        In the history of America, NO Republican ever owned slaves. The
        ONLY slave owners in the Civil War era were DEMOCRATS! They
        were still fighting against voting rights and integration into the
        1980s. Slow “Alzheimer’s” Joe was making racist comments just
        last week!

        I am fucking pissed off that the I am being called a racist because
        I reject a collectivist political ideology by members of the same
        political ideology that owned slaves, created the Ku Klux Klan,
        imposed Jim Crow laws and forced segregation all the way to
        the Reagan administration.

        Fuck you and your moronic conspiracies, I have had it with these
        sub-Forest Gump IQ idiots who never read a history book in their
        entire lives!


  2. The story says: “Kevin deeply regrets having altered the email. It was never his intent to mislead the court or his colleagues as he believed the information he relayed was accurate.

    I say bullshit. He knew exactly what he was doing. I heard he has already turned on a few people. Maybe we will hear more over the weekend.


  3. This is the last we’ll hear of it until after the election is over which as many of you already figured out won’t be settled until Christmas or thereabouts. Didn’t Biden’s “team” claim they’ve hired 600 attorneys to deal with the election?


    • Yeh, at last count. ’cause they’re trying trying to ensure a “free and fair election”. In other words they’re there to ensure that all the fraudulent votes get counted too. Someone should check the trunks of the lawyer’s cars.


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