Never Forget That Congress Taking A Break Was More Important Than Providing Economic Relief For Millions Of Americans Financially Devastated By A Deliberate Shut Down Of The Economy

So the fuckers couldn’t see fit to compromise and bailed out until after Labor Day, leaving millions of Americans in the lurch.

As far as I’m concerned they can stay home while we vote every motherfucking one of the miserable cocksuckers out of office and replace them.

16 thoughts on “Never Forget That Congress Taking A Break Was More Important Than Providing Economic Relief For Millions Of Americans Financially Devastated By A Deliberate Shut Down Of The Economy

  1. That was the plan all along. They don’t give a shit. I am fervently hoping peloser has a massive alcohol induced ischemic event… along with diagnosed with covideo and is put on a respirator at 18 liters a minute, she would never be able to catch her breath. Oh in the slowjoe and his fave ho can bite me and die.


  2. Worse is they will leave four or five in the chambers so they don’t actually go into recess. This to deny President Trump the opportunity to make recess appointments. They are wicked, evil.


  3. Voting them out and replacing them won’t solve the problem. ALL** current politicians are members of the same union. Future members qualifications and acceptance into the union depend on them exhibiting the same exact skills as the current members. It’s a God Damned corrupt Perpetual Motion machine. Power corrupts… absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    ** Trump’s not a politician. He’s a businessman.

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    • It is time to schwack 100% of democrats, and 99.99% of republicans. Send a new crop to congress, tell them they have 90 days to fix shit. Repeat as required.

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  4. “We’ll vote the rascals out.”

    Been hearing that shit my whole life, since back near the middle of the last century. That has never worked.

    What might work, is …after three oath-breaking actions of any congress-critter, demonstrating that they are not a person of their word (hint: communist), then their ticket to never run again gets punched.

    The time is nigh that communists get converted into good communists.


  5. …and now with remote working and the flight from the cities, for those that can afford it, states that were formerly borderline red will become blue. My state in particular is seeing a big influx of people from NYFC and NYFS. I can’t wait for the property taxes to come out this fall. With the YYUUGGEE shortfall in revenues projected from businesses being FORCED to close, will be forced to increase residential property taxes to make up the difference. ‘Course if your business or residence was burnt out during the festivities, then your property should be worth next to nothing, but state .gov won’t let that stand in way of sending you a nice bill anyway. Up to you to fight the bill in court with money you don’t have because you’re forcibly unemployed for one reason or another.


  6. It’s gonna be a rough ride from here on out. Within 6 months, trump retaining the office, the left will pull out ALL the possible stops and do all in in their power to implode the entire economy. The virus BS is playing right into their hands and they will use it well beyond its useful end. The more this lockdown bullshit continues the more small business will crater, and the more larger more economically well off businesses will be required to take up the slack. To no avail, the pressure to make up the deficit will soon overcome even the best managed companies, and the entire shiteree will start down the drain. Then it’s all over but watching the globalists start enforcing their will upon the masses, with the largest percent of the masses succumbing to their will simply for the sake of personal preservation.To be enforced by those in the pretty blue hemets.
    As I learned on the range all those years ago: The call went out to -“Watch your Targets”……. “Taaaarrrrrggggeetttsss” …….. all those pretty blu targets…..

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  7. The fact the guy worked out a plea deal is encouraging. What info or people
    did he give up? This guy is the first, but he will by means be the last. The
    Barr and Durham’s investigation involves at least dozens more and there
    is a good chance others will be implicated or new allegations could be
    filed against the deep-state vermin.

    All it will take is one Henry Hill or Joe Valachi to being the whole conspiracy


  8. This is exactly why Trump must be re-elected. If he’s not re-elected, all of this dirt gets swept under the rug and we’ll never learn who the real culprits are/were and the deep state goes on forever. One of the things to watch over the next weeks is the number of near top level, long term fedgov employees at justice, state, cia and defense that retire or resign unexplainedly.


  9. I’ve heard the same complaint and threat for years. Nothing ever seems to change. It’s like term limits and the flat tax. Congress and the government in general will never change. I figure that the only way is through civil war. That means that many will die to perhaps bring justice into the equation. Then and only then will a lot of those crooks and traitors meet their just reward if they haven’t high tailed out to some quiet town in Chile or village somewhere in the world. In either case, it appears that war is coming. The enemies from within think tha they are invincible..


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