Getting Up When I Used To Go To Bed!

Fuck me 5 A.M. comes early, it’s still dark outside.

I talked to my boss very briefly yesterday and even though the HR chick said to start at 7, he is a Gung Ho bastard and said he would have no problem if I showed up at six.

Hint hint, be here at six.

So I tried to go to bed early but naturally had a hard time getting to sleep and then add the old man gotta get up an pee routine, 5 came awfully early.

But I’m up.

Lunch is in the box, hard hat sitting next to it and a big old bottle of Ibuprofen is sitting right next to me.

It’s going to be a long day, I know that sitting here right now.

Thankfully while I was off for so long, my body’s natural circadian rhythm took over and I kept getting to bed earlier and earlier over time until I was waking up naturally at eight in the morning without any outside stimulus.

Instead of going to bed when the birds started chirping outside.

Well, it’s off to the salt mines folks.

I’ll post something when I get home later.


12 thoughts on “Getting Up When I Used To Go To Bed!

  1. That’s the good and the bad of the physical and mental exertion four letter word. Find a new kid and yell at him, that may help. 😉


  2. Back in the 1980s My company made me an offer I couldn’t refuse after 20 years with it. Start working at an office 45 miles down the NJ Turnpike and be there at 7 AM or get laid off. So up at 5 AM and get home at 5 PM. for an 8 hour work day. 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year for many years. Ya get use to anything.


  3. Did Phil mention how long the shifts would be? In paper mills and oil refineries,
    it is typically 12 hours but can go as long 16-18 hours. Your scheduled shift
    means nothing to some dick-head in management if it can shave a few hours
    off the downtime. This is especially true on the last day or two if the job is
    behind schedule. Once you hit about 15 hours, you are a fucking walking
    zombie and much more likely to end up with a reportable injury.

    The refineries put an end to this bullshit years ago, but barbarian management
    cultures still exist in other industries. The paper industry sees labor as cheap and
    expendable like the railroad scene from Blazing Saddles. The one good thing that
    came from working 80 plus hours a week was seeing a hot young bank teller
    flirting with my ugly ass when depositing or cashing a paycheck!


    • Camptown ladies is my favorite nigger working song… when I was busier then a 2 dollar whore at shore leave, the nurse manager or an admin slob would come around extolling us to work faster and smarter. I would start singing that song and I would get the weirdest looks from those ignorant edumacated fools.


  4. I worked evening shift for 36 years. getting off shift at 0130, and when I retired, I wondered how long it would take me to become a normal human dayshifter again. About a week. I love getting up with the chicken birds, especially because I don’t have to, and I can turn in when I feel like it in the evening. Our standard line this time of year: “Is it dark enough to go to bed yet?”
    Good on you Phil. Stay mean enough and tough enough to get to retirement too. It’s the best.


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