Temporary Call Back To Work

I just got off the phone. I gotta be there at 7 in the morning. They have an equipment tear down and inspection and figured out they don’t have nearly enough people.

This is only until the end of the month at the moment.

Near future posting will reflect my new schedule.

9 thoughts on “Temporary Call Back To Work

  1. Did I call this or what? I was at the bottom of the seniority totem pole when one
    of the 2 paper machines was shut down. I think I mentioned in an Email to you
    that there was a good chance you would be called in for an unscheduled shut-
    down. I got rehired ahead of two others because I worked out a deal to do
    a day or two every 90 days and the 1-2 week annual shutdown with my new
    employer in exchange for health care benefits. I even got a few pairs of 300
    dollar work boots in the deal.

    If the other guys who were laid off have moved on, you stand a good chance of
    being rehired. Let them know that you will work any planned or unplanned
    shutdown. This will extend your unemployment benefits, and in the end, you
    may get your job back.

    Give em hell Phi!


    • Could be worse… like gruesome maxiforniapad newsome, or our favorite wicked witch grinchten witless, Michigan dicktator.Or, my favorite Brown Stain of ory-gun shame


  2. Great news Phil. And it’s not even a “survival job” out of your field like baggage handling at PDX. These days, if you can show up on time and do what they want, will go a long way toward keeping you there.


  3. Good luck to you my friend. I have been working from home for 5 months. I am hearing rumblings that they may call us back in but then again they just sent me a months worth of time sheets.

    Give ’em hell Phil!


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