The Next Obvious Question

So if Joe Biden picked Ol’ Kneepads Harris to be his Vice President,

Who is she going to pick to be her Vice President?

Everyone and their cousin four times removed knows damn good and well that Biden will never finish the term if he even wins it to begin with.

27 thoughts on “The Next Obvious Question

  1. Thats a hard guess to make, there are so many “deserving” applicants. I’m thinking snaggletooth abrams may be in the mix. Another question is, how long do you think it will take. Maybe we should start a pool to see when she kicks him off.


  2. One’s a sniffer, one’s a blower, the Joe & Ho team. Personally, I think Joe & Company screwed the pooch. And the pooch didn’t like or appreciate it!


  3. There is also the question of if she is qualified to be president or VP.That is a bit hazy.The only thing known is that she can swallow a big one.


    • Even Kneepads isn’t dumb enough to make Felony Von Pantsuit one suicide away from her job. I personally think it will be the Wookie for the demoncrat dream ticket.

      MSG Grumpy


  4. I doubt Biden would make it to the car from the election “headquarters” on election night. I’d put his chances and life expectancy about the same as a snowflake on a hot shovel.


  5. Hey Phil, I’m a bit concerned that I’m visiting a blog that condones racism. It’s your site after all, but to show solidarity with negro women, howsabout posting a nice pic or two of Pam Grier? From 45 years ago, not now!


  6. I am thinking this whole Joe and Ho thing is maskrova. They (the DNC) are going to find him unable to fulfill the office either at or after the convention, and then a new candidate will step forward – for the good iiof the party – and take over.

    Still have my money on Michelle O’, but funny that Oprah is starting to divest from her media empire (one of the requirements.) Both rich socialist black women. Both have huge followings. Both are constantly in the media light in a positive light.

    Why wait till then (at or after the convention?) To make Trump spend tons of money pointing out Joe and Ho’s many many faults. Remember, Soros et al have around $500 million committed to the campaign, and they sure as shit haven’t spent 10% on Joe (and now Ho.)

    Fuckery. Fuckery is in the air. Serious Fuckery. They (the dems) do not want to lose any of the elections, and they know it will be a hard fight to retain the house, let alone take the Senate. So that leaves trying to take Trump and Pence down.

    Serious Fuckery. And I fully expect them to use their other favorite tactic against Republicans – that being ‘crazy lone gunmen/gunwomen/gunits’ to assassinate the President and other conservatives.

    Because that’s what Dems do when cornered.

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  7. Kneepads is an anchor baby, both parents did not fulfil the time requirement to be naturlized US citizens before she was born so she is not a US citizen but Jamaican. The Dems know this and are going to replace Gropey and the Ho with Cankles and Tucker at the convention.



    • No, she is a citizen due to the deliberate misreading of the 14th. She’s an anchor baby, but is absolutely NOT a natural born citizen. But neither was Obama, and they got away with that one too. NBC is really not a difficult concept to understand: born here (or within USA’s desmenses), and both parents were citizens of our country when you were born. Period. That’s it. And AFAIK, this qualification only applies to the Pres and the Veep, although it really ought to apply to anybody in the top 5 of the chain of succession. But almost no one knows, understands, or accepts this. Both my parents were citizens when I was born, but if I had been born in Kenya then I would not be qualified to run for President.


  8. A little off-topic, but a bunch of citizens in Shit-Congo just drove off the BLM
    boys when they showed up to do their thing in South Chicago. The blow-
    back is getting better than I thought!


  9. Nancy Pelosi is the next legal person in line to be VP………And yes give Joe 2 months if he is voted in before he is ushered out.


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