25 thoughts on “Looks Like Kamala Harris Passed The Sniff Test

      • And look who is back

        Missed you buddy
        You even had Phil wondering where you were.
        I’m sure that ankle biter Aussie will be along in no time being a pain in your ass.

        Even in my most worstest man whore days I’m pretty sure I would have passed on that. Ole Jim Beam may have tried twisting my arm though and I WAS a weak man for a day or four once.


        • I was camping and drowning worms… No wi fi, no power, no neighbors, peace, tranquility, a good book, some good beer and beans and I was set, did ya really miss me that much? Ahhh, I am flabbergasted. I didn’t think I needed permission to decompress, but I was in error, I will announce when I will be disposed for a length of time…


          • It’s still a free country (LOL)

            My concern was for your wellbeing
            You know, because you’re a old fart

            Glad you got away for some good times.


            • Thanks Death, I better get it in now before I have to beg Aussie Under for one of his rum soaked kidneys… I did enjoy my time away, I did have cell phone service, so no worries mate. I had a brown bear on top of my trailer trying to pry his way into my bathroom vent. My offal must have been aromatic. It happened whilst I was condemning a worm to a watery grave. I caught a couple of nice little brownies, but slipped in back in, want them to get a little bigger pan sized.


              • I apologise, your trailer home then. You ought to move it to one of Unfuck’s vast estates in Europe, sea freight is affordable. His extra-virgin wife trafficking business must be profitable, hit him up for a well paid job as medical inspector. Plenty of trout in his lakes!


      • Aw c’mon Cederq, that’s hardly fair on old Cameltoe! What about her risks from Deathray? After all, stuck up there in the remote wilds, some of those mama grizzly bears (DR maybe finds that brown pelt colour attractive?) or black bears (DR: “Mm, black velvet, mm.”) might seem outright flirtatious to a lonely mountain man! Kamala doesn’t know where he has been, or doing what or with who, or she’d willingly swallow!


  1. I have a hardly used set of leather kneepads in one of my gang boxes if she
    needs a new pair. Here are the Hodge Brothers and their reaction to her
    pick as Alzheimer’s Joe’s running mate:


  2. Racist haters, all of you bastards! Hey, I agree though. If pressed on the matter, your next president may use one of S(l)ick Willy’s lines: “But I didn’t inhale!”


      • DR, I ain’t a complete racist, I’ve cast an optic nerve* at some negro women, such as Pam Grier. But the female of 2.7% of the Australian population¬§ don’t do anything for me, at all! Though aboriginal women do desire white partners, catching the most useless lazy, stupid and abusive white drunkard must seem like winning Lotto to most gins^. *a perve, or ‘cold serve’. ¬§yet they make up 37% of the population in gaols! While it is viewed as a rite of passage by many young blacks, white apologists say it is because of racism, not just because blacks are more likely to commit crime (but they are!). ^black aboriginal woman, young or old. When married, a lubra or mary. Not a racist term, but blacktivists say it is.


        • Damn Aussie, your race relations down under, or as I like to say, flipped over are more convoluted then ours are! I am a snob, I do not burn coal.


          • Ceqred, I don’t got no race rellies! I am European, the olden days term for a white man. Although a bit of the tar brush wouldn’t go astray, then I wouldn’t have to stand in a queue for state medical treatment (10 years for my laminar decompression) or qualify for ‘sit down money’, as blacks call welfare payments. The worst thing done by colonial, then federated state gubmints was to act paternally to blacks, to look after them. The old method of assimilation was a failure, creating mixed breeds not really belonging to either side: the half-caste angrily declared himself a whiteman, until blacktivism made it pay to be an aborigine or Torres Strait Islander (utter hatred existing between the two); black communities call half-castes ‘coconuts’, nice and brown outside, but white at heart! All modern inhabitants here belong to immigrant races, the original inhabitants hunted and exterminated by relocating Indo-negroids. They themselves were lucky that the British colonised the place, imagine if the Spaniards had beat them! The Dutch traded with the blacks, but found not enough local population to warrant colonising, unlike their East Indies and West Papua. Portuguese had a minor go, but settled with Timor. Spanish and French the eastern Pacific isles. The Germans in New Guinea, New Britain and Bougainville, until the diggers won them in 1914. Just remember, whites = bad, except for paying taxes to support other races.


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  4. Alzheimer’s Joe should have picked Corn Pops. I realize that he yanked this
    fictional character out of his anal orifice, but fer-fucks sake, the least he should
    have done was give him a menacing name. The dope was channeling the
    old musical West Side Story. Was the leader of the Sharks or the Jets named
    Cocoa Puffs, and Frosted Flakes?

    The Donks bragged a few decades ago that they owned the Internet. Then, we
    find out the old guard like Bill and Hill, the Ubangi’s and even the “inventor” of
    the Internet himself (Al Gore) have no idea how these new-fangled machines
    work. The password for Hillary Klingon’s illegal server was Hillary. Her campaign
    manager (John Podesta’s) password was Pa$$word. These limp dicks and
    desiccated pussies have never formatted a disk in their lives! The old guard
    is clinging to power with their fingernails refusing to pass the baton to the
    next generation. Sure they support the radical left, but they are what pResident
    Ubangi called the “bitter clingers.”

    The biggest mistake that the paleo-leftist geezers made was to underestimate
    the power of the Internet as a bullshit detector! Slow Joe makes a racist statement
    about school busing in 1977 and no matter how hard the gods of social media
    try to suppress the information, it still exists on the Intertubes. The God-King
    Ubangi himself made statements that would have him banned for anti-black
    hate crimes. President Trump was given a gift yesterday. Everything Slow
    Joe and Cameltoe Harris said in the past is now fair game!


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