In Case You Missed This Very Important Comment By President Trump Earlier Today

After he came back to his press conference because he was asked to leave by the Secret Service because they had to shoot some stupid sonofabitch outside, the cute little AON News chick asked him his opinion on something.

I really don’t think he could have made the point any clearer than this.

So now then.

Fuck CNN.

Fuck ABC.

Fuck CBS.


Double Fuck The New York Times and The Washington Post.

There it fucking is.

Caught Red Handed, committing Treason.

It went all the way to the very top. Obama, Biden, all of those dirty fuckers.

I have been telling you that for over a year now.

Try covering that up and walking that shit back now you miserable sonsabitches.

And if you will notice, Our Girl Chanel Rion is stuck all the way in the back of the Press Gaggle behind all of the Propagandists and Never Trumpers from the major networks.

Chanel Rion

That needs to change yesterday.

22 thoughts on “In Case You Missed This Very Important Comment By President Trump Earlier Today

  1. He mentioned the other day, how many people are pissed at him, for what he is doing. The SS and US Marshals are probably getting overtime for the rest of the year to keep him safe.

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  2. He has named the same people who first were named back in late 2016/early 2017 when all the Steele Dossier stuff started surfacing.

    This is nothing new. This is information that the Justice Department and the FBI had since Day 1. Of course, since some of the people involved are in the Justice Department and the FBI, well, gee…

    Let’s all pray that the Left doesn’t use it’s favorite method to get rid of troublesome Republicans. Which would be assassination.

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  3. Hell where’s the second, third, fourth and fifth star option? I‘d like giving this article five stars. Or ten. Or hundred. Just take that one star I was able to give as the biggest and shiniest star possible!
    This is the most important news we‘ve had for years!!

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  5. There’s a whole bunch of the rotten c cksukers involved in this coup attempt and they been trying to get rid of him since day one. CIA, FIB, NSA, senators, reps and of course the obozo admin, him included. Sundance at the conservative treehouse has been all over this for years and is getting ready to drop the hammer this week so stay tuned there’s a bunch of nervous/scared crooks that are about to get their due.


    • Sundance has this shit down and has put it all on paper. From what I saw the other day he said if Barr doesn’t get his shit together by Friday that he is going to out the lead investigator under Durham.


  6. Four years later and nothing. Trump will be collecting unemployment benefits while the seditionists are sitting in the white house snug as bugs.


  7. The reporter from OANN is on her game that’s why the MSM (incl. Faux Nooz) wanted to keep her out of the room for so long. She’s not a “team” player and by that I mean she doesn’t ask the usual gotcha questions the others always ask trying to set Trump up.


  8. Ok, what is sundance’s link to monitor this? I suspect the left will stop at NOTHING, including attempting assassination, to achieve their goal. I that is what they want, at 65 years old, I’ll put my uniform back on, and kill every one of those fucks, so as to illuminate the commie threat to our freedom!!! The American people, the quiet majority, will fuck all of them cock suckers, and remove them existence…. And I volunteer to be on the front line!!!


    • You can find Sundance @ and he doesn’t miss a trick. Phil I hope I didn’t violate any blog rules by posting Sundance’s addy.


  9. So, you investigate and find horrible corruption and can name names. Then you refer the entire lot to a grand jury and a trial conducted by allies of the liberals who you just named.

    In DC no less.

    Anyone who expects decisive outcomes is deluding themselves. At best, slaps on the wrist for the lowest level operators and a pass to everyone else. The Media will claim excessive prosecution and investigation and 10 years from now will successfully label this as a witch hunt by Trump and not an illegal and treasonous activity by Obama and his henchmen.

    It is not that I do not want justice. I am too old to believe in altruism anymore when it comes to justice with regard to politics in DC and everywhere else. The deck is stacked. The right is to be exterminated. They have been at it for years and unless there is a reality shift of proportions that will alter world politics, it will go on.


    • Blind alegence to any cause is counter productive to positive change. No thinking person can deny that the police in this country have been allowed too much power and too much military equipment. Some may be needed, but much is overused.


  10. Did you also notice the reply to the dumbass reporters question to him about if he was worried when the SS hauled him out of the presser due to the DC shooter?
    “Do I look worried?”



  11. I agree. Chanel needs to be moved to the front of the room. I suspect that Kayleigh won’t even have to kick her rear like she does with the other “reporters”.


  12. Chlamydia Harris is Slow Joe Biden’s running mate. A new pair of kneepads are
    not needed because Biden’s dick is as limp as an overcooked noodle!


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