11 thoughts on “I Like It

  1. Is much many slick ! No more rummaging through rotting cardboard boxes for the one lone coupling you’re “sure you haven’t used yet.”


    • Well, that’s progress for you. While you’re rummaging through rotted cardboard boxes looking for this bit, you might find the coupling.


    • $187 for six bits from 1/4″ to 7/8″ in a plastic box.
      $70 5 bit set from 1/4″ to 3/4″ with no box.
      $17 for a 1/2″ bit by itself.

      If you’re set up for machining, you could make them. I would make them except its rather critical to get it right seeing how water under pressure is involved. By the time I was finished with trial & error of getting the dimensions and angles just right, I could have just bought the damn thing. It would be a good project of minimal use which is to say it would be a waste of time. haha


    • Yea, PEX is my go-to plumbing now. Ain’t technology wunnerful? I started in ’67 with lead/cast iron, and galvanized, then graduated to coper, CPVC, then PEX.
      (Don’t forget to ground your meter, boyo’s…).
      Copper is still required in some places, but gimme PEX any day – I can do an entire house in a day.


  2. Most of the best tube flaring kits contain swedge tools so you can do this all-day-long
    until you encounter the really large sizes.


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