This Oughtta Be Good

Sooooooo gentlemen.

Which one of you smart asses is gonna try and proclaim himself king ?



I will say there ain’t no slouches around here though.




24 thoughts on “This Oughtta Be Good

    • Leonard, I’m counting down until Sat 15th, VJ Day. Those fucken bandy-legged apes, too bad their homeland doesn’t glow in the dark! I’m not a complete ray-cist, some of them Jappy girls look alright.


    • Phil, your concern is noted, but Cederq is likely sulkingly chewing a bone beside that ‘asshole dog Jack’ over at Wirecutter’s place. Apparently nobody makes fun of him there!


    • I think he packed up his rig and tandem trailers and headed east.
      He saw a loud mouth Brooklyn blonde on YouTube and fell in love.

      Tried to warn him
      That gal will end up killing him.


      • Deathray, I think that Cederq is heading even farther east, to ship his mobile home across the Atlantic, and park it on one of Herr Unfuck von U’s vast estates, that he has stocked with tall Somalian and Sudanese Afro-chicks and other smuggled eastern Europe wenches. I think that Cederq figures to score a decent kidney from one, after marrying her, that she doesn’t speak English being an added bonus! That travel van of Unfuck’s has a secret compartment, entered right under Phil’s sticker, itself a red herring. I reckon those holiday spots in Unfuck’s travelogues are really his own properties, used for shielding his easy-order extra-virgin brides business, sneaky! Hey Unfuck, you offering us any discounts for Phil’s loyal readers? I wouldn’t mind a top-heavy blond Slavic girl, who can cook too.


  1. The Execute VP of the National Sarcasm Society is (was?) James Napoli. His book, The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm, is in my bathroom.


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