Open Season Is Coming

Stopping vehicles at gunpoint has already resulted in one dead Dumbass.

Here is another one without any gunfire, this time.

If this was you or me standing out in the street waving a gun at someone just trying to drive down the road there would be hell to pay  with cops and media jerkoffs everywhere losing their fucking minds.

But this is OK?

I’m telling you right now, if Trump doesn’t outright and legally proclaim these Commie bastards to be Domestic Terrorists real quick then the blood is going to flow in rivers.

The fact that it hasn’t happened already has me wondering just exactly what it is going to take.

Seeing this bullshit go on as it is makes me think it’s time to go weapons free every time you get in your fucking car.

14 thoughts on “Open Season Is Coming

  1. By weapons free you mean unholstered, correct? Just like the credit card motto, don’t leave home without it. I can’t believe those assholes in Portland haven’t been perforated yet. Those cops are taking a lot of unwarranted abuse. Chunks of concrete and lasers, they need red dots on them immediately followed up with a chunk of lead.

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    • Thanks for the links. I’ve been reading Tam for many years and she’s one of my favorite gunbloggers. Good to read what good, cool heads say about the subject.


    • I like Tam, but I can’t go along with that. Second City Cop (Chicago blog) has their own take on the Indy “protestors”.

      That is not a “peaceful protest.”
      That is Aggravated Unlawful Restraint – Class 3 Felony.
      It might also be Forcible Detention – Class 2 Felony.
      Old timers might call this a “freebie.”

      Saying “don’t go where the trouble is” is just fine, so long as there is a “bad part of town” you can avoid, or you avoid trouble by not seeking out bad people. When the bad people move into YOUR space, you do NOT have a duty to retreat. If anything, decent people need to confront the bad people and make it clear that they are not welcome. That truck driver was NOT obligated to take a detour to accommodate a bunch of people doing illegal things.


  2. Go out into the hinterlands and find yourself a trapper.
    They always have a good supply of skunk piss because they use it to cover the human smell when setting a trap.
    Put it in a small garden sprayer, and let them fuckers have it,
    In the face, if possible.
    Tell the cops to smell for the armed ones.


  3. Hmmm. I have lasers on every one of my handguns. I would’ve poked my piece out the door, put the spot on the stupid Pantifa’s chest, and if the gun came up it would be Game Over. I only carry .357, I have my own reloader and do only hot loads.

    The more I read, the more I am thankful I got out of North Portland in 1999…

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  4. The stoppage of the truck is illegal as is the brandishing of a firearm. Anyone claiming that there’s no bias protecting the liberals is delusional as any conservative who did EITHER of these would already be held without bond.


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