On The Road Again

I have someplace I have to be and will be gone most of the day probably. Hit Ye Olde Blogroll and see what everybody else has to say in the meantime,

14 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Hey Phil, if you do sell off Mavis the demon Sprite, can you spring for the hookers ‘n booze for the party? Not that you can make use of either, being a dry and married man.


    • Had that effing song as an earworm all morning. Finally purged it with a tune with the same name, but much more to my liking. Probably fits Phil better, too……….


  2. Just saw a documentary about the DeLorean.
    Wouldn’t that be a worthwhile project for you, Phil?
    I understand that car sucks (has that ever held you back?) but it’s soo cool!


        • Unfuck, you already know that I can’t operate a mobile phone properly, so couldn’t portray a professor, mad or no. Go hit up Cederq, in the meantime I’ll just ‘look after’ all those AKs.


          • Whut??!! How’dya “take care” of AK’s when you’re not even able operating a mobile-… yeah… alright…. just do it. Them Arabs are losing anyways. Let’s follow the script…


            • Um, by ‘look after’, I mean don’t expect to see them ever again. I was going to channel Jörg Sprave for a suitable self-satisfied laugh, when I realised you could ask him to play the professor. Let’s see, a cast of Cederq, Unfuck, Jörg, Phil and the old codger from across the road, and maybe egorr, Leonard and Deathray? Also some top-heavy German girls for scenery and culture. Funding is okay, soon as Phil sells the demon Sprite. Damn, I’d actually open my skinny wallet to go see that pitcher!


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