If You Have Ever Been To Camas Washington You Will Understand


It’s about 15 or 20 minutes East of Vancouver, it’s claim to fame is the paper mill that was there before the city was incorporated back in the 1880’s and has been completely over run by people moving up from California.

I lived there for a while about ten years ago now.

11 thoughts on “If You Have Ever Been To Camas Washington You Will Understand

    • It’s changed hands so many times over the years that I can’t keep up.
      It used to be a Georgia Pacific plant but I want to say Crown Zellerback bought it from them.
      If Commenter sammoore shows up he will know, he used to work there.


      • Thanks. It’s always pretty interesting looking up plants we are servicing. It’s not so much that plant that’s interesting to me but its surroundings and how it’s like there.


      • No, it’s still GP, one of three paper (as opposed to cardboard or building materials) mills GP still has in the Northwest. It’s been seriously cut back in recent years, but it’s still making paper.


  1. Didn’t know that mill was still running. My old college roomie moved to Portland in the late 70’s, and I’ve visited him from time to time over the years (but not recently). Anyway, first visit, we’re driving up the Gorge, headed east from Portland. Me: “Phew, what’s that stink?” Him: “Camas”


  2. Seem to remember delivering something there many years ago and it was a Georgia Pacific then. Went back the next day to pick up the unloaded lowboy, ended up in Sheridan Wy. 3 times and then in Denver. How’d eye get here you say…. don’t ask, long story….even longer drive…..


  3. I do not know about people who move from one liberal state to another,
    but when it comes to people leaving high-tax blue states to low tax red
    states, I do not automatically think they take their voting patterns to their
    new digs. A shit-ton of people left my home state of Marxifornia to go
    to Arizona and Texas during the first two terms of the Sausage smoker
    Gerry Brown. A lot of people who escaped from New York to Southern
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    In addition to losing a huge chunk of tax revenues by the insane lock-
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  4. I spent a whole week there one afternoon… ain’t much, stunk to high heaven and I hated to deliver Liquid O2 there to the mill, which I had to do at least once every three weeks.


      • If it smelled like a rotten egg fart, it was trace level H2S. Wet
        rotting paper pulp produces the stuff and if the concentration is
        high enough, it can kill your ass in seconds!


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