6 thoughts on “Buy A Clue People!

    • Well, in my state, you would be the one breaking the law if you are driving in the left hand lane for extended periods. Maybe what needs to happen is you need to quit being a special snowflake and get in the right hand lane where you belong and quit impeding the smooth flow of traffic. I know, everyone should be delayed and impeded by you because you have your cruise control set right at the government mandated abnormally low speed. Just another special snowflake.


  1. I believe he spelled “asshole” wrong.

    I got cod-locked behind one of those assholes on I-35 in Oklahoma last week, the dumb broad driving the Expedition with Texas plates sat her fat ass in the left-hand lane and drove past multiple “keep right except to pass” signs for about 70 miles before she turned off, dropping down to 65 MPH before goosing up to about 80 back and forth and forth and back and you know what kinda pain in the ass that is, when the speed limit is 70 and your speed control is set on 75. And, any time her dumb ass overtook a big truck, she would slow down and match its speed and sit in its blind spot for a couple miles, til she had a train backed up behind her, then she’d haul ass.

    There ought to be a law, oh wait, there already is!

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    • My ex used to go to pass, then park right by the drive wheels on an 18-wheeler, (because if I pass him I’ll be breaking the speed limit”). I finally broke her of it (at least while we were married) by saying, “You’re making me and that truck drive crazy and I’m RIGHT HERE”.


  2. I *try* to keep the left lane clear, but there’s always somebody with their pants on fire zooming up my tailpipe. Sorry, gonna keep my set speed, and get over as soon as it’s safe. If the dork speeds up, I can goose it, but my 34′ motor home doesn’t exactly accelerate quickly, especially at 70 mph. On an uphill pull, I try to keep right even if I have to slow for a semi.


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