19 thoughts on “Ever Seen A 220 Volt Electric Lawnmower?

  1. The one I have runs on a battery but has a two battery capability one battery lasts about 45 minutes if I put both batteries in I can mow front and back then have enough battery power to run weed eater and clean up with blower


  2. You’re right, Phil. The anti-FDR legislation for presidential terms should also apply to the Senate and Congress. If not, they’ve got a job for life, as people keep voting for the worthless corrupt scum, no matter what scandals erupt. At least I’ve got an excuse to turn up for a poll, voting is compulsory in Australia.


  3. My folks had a plug-in electric mower but it wasn’t self-propelled. It was adequate for their small city lot but a pain in the ass keeping up with the cord.


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