15 thoughts on “Who Needs Television?

  1. The final scene was by a wide margin, the FUCKING BEST! Even the other cops on their way past added another shot , and again, and again.
    Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Time for some hot cocoa.


  2. I have been saying this from the beginning. These Milenneanal incel soy boys
    can butch-up all they want with tattoos and beards will get their asses kicked in
    a real fight every time. My reference to these mal-educated Walter Mitty
    wannabe communist revolutionaries are lost on a generation that does not
    even know who the fuck Walter Mitty was!

    No matter how much these idiots try to play alpha males, they stand about as
    much chance of getting laid with radical leftist chicks as I do winning a big
    massive power-ball lottery jackpot.

    Thanks, Phil, you just made my day and I will share this video far and wide!


  3. PHIL!!! You are THE MAN!!!
    God Bless you Sir.
    I was having a shit fucking day, personal and well all this BS going on.
    And along you come with The Cure.


    • At 0:19? That’s Antifa Guy’s sunglasses. This video doesn’t show how the incident started: someone on the non-asshole side got knocked down. Antifa guy ran over and started beating on the downed guy with his baton. Rufio Panman*, the man with the white sleeves, engaged antifa guy to protect the man on the ground.

      On another video without the ironic music you can clearly hear the “thunk” when antifa guy’s head hits the ground. It wasn’t the punch to the face but rather the blow from hitting pavement that gave antifa guy a “brain bleed”. (In quotes because that’s what the reports say; they don’t specify what kind – ICH, SAH, whatever.) Anyway, antifa guy got messed up good.

      And that skinny woman (with her cigarette) was lucky SHE didn’t get decked. In fact, IMNSHO there was much restraint on the non-asshole side. I could easily have envisioned downed antifa getting literally curbstomped with permanent debilitating injury: kicked in the face (always wear your heavy work boots); hands, wrists, ankles snapped or crushed. But apparently that didn’t happen.

      *Rufio Panman. This is a glorious name, but I mis-remembered it as Something Pieman. Searching on “antifa pieman” gets you some weird results.


  4. i’m thinking we need to hire those guys in white helmets, just temporarily, to show our guys how to do it. i remember back in the day we had what was called black greek week. crapload of black college folk descended on us, started tearing up everything. natty guard went in, all professional like, step drag, step drag, moving them back. some idiot threw a bottle n hit a state trooper. troopers broke ranks and wailed on them like banshees. crowd broke n ran screaming, troopers kept up the pursuit, wailing all the way, it was hilarious. back then cops were tough and you didn’t screw with va. state troopers, lol.


    • Animosities will increase the closer to election time we get. Can’t say 4 sure but I spect within 6 months after the election (with a trump re-election outcome), the left will come completely unhinged. This will not end well, 4 either side.


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