Coming Attractions

I finally got the parts I have been waiting on for two fucking weeks in and installed on this rotten sonofabitch.


So now I have this little fiasco to look forward to at some point.

It ain’t gonna be this weekend for sure, I have other things to do.

I will probably wait until it’s 100 degrees outside to start in on it. You know, just for fun.

Don’t worry, either way there is going to be at least one profanity laced post about it here in the not too distant future.

After I get it in then we shall see if it even works.

I ain’t a transmission guy by any stretch of the imagination so I am not going to be too surprised if something ain’t fucked up.

It’s just how it rolls for me most of the time.

I gotta give myself points just for trying though and if it does work it will be one step closer to getting a For Sale sign slapped on it.


Dirty Fucking Bastard anyway.

37 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

    • Come on now egorr, don’t give Phil a hard time and certainly do not jinks Phil’s love project! he wants to get rid of it and reclaim his driveway and garage. Let’s think positive thoughts and beam feel good waves at our esteemed leader! Then, after he sells it to some sucker, then raz the hell out of him…


  1. Just get the old codger across the street over there and between both you crumudgeons it’ll work out. Cuss,spit throw some tools and stomp. Get that out of the way at the beginning and smooth sailing from there


  2. I never even made it to the tranny on my Fiat Spyder. Three complete rebuilds. Total run time on all three was about 7 minutes. Total distance traveled on those three rebuilds was about 200 yards. But I got my revenge. Sold it to a kid whose father was a GM tech. He pulled everything out and put a engine/transmission from a Sunfire in it. HA! The shame! That will teach that Guido SOB. After a Spitfire (owned it 8 months. 7 months in the shop under warranty, which they thought was reasonable!) and that Fiat, never ever touched a Euro shitpile again. I swore if I did I would cut my dick off and give it to Coney Island Hot Dog to roast for my dinner. I bought a Datson 310, drove it 350K without problem and bought a boat.

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  3. I have worked on industrial gearboxes, but having never rebuilt a manual
    transmission, it is all about proper radial and axial clearances and backlash.
    Hit the Intertubes and you will find a species-specific tutorial. I had no idea
    how to adjust a dual cable throttle grip. An HD dealer in Texas produced
    videos that guided me through the process. As a welfare mechanic in a
    geezer park, I was able to do appliance repairs for my neighbors.

    If it is out there, use it!


        • Phil needs to send me the details, and I’ll give it a go! A lot of
          those old Limey poor man’s sports cars shared things like
          transmissions, suspension components, rear ends, and the like.
          For All I know, the Sprite may have the same tranny as an MG,
          a Triumph Spitfire, a Sunbeam Alpine or other British car.

          I’ll do some digging, but I will need more info.


          • I have copies of the original factory shop manual. Digital and Dead Tree.
            Actual Youtube videos of tear down and rebuilds on these transmissions DO NOT EXIST.
            It is called a Rib Case transmission. They started putting them in the MG Midgets and Sprites in 1962 or 1963 I believe. The earlier Sprite transmissions were almost identical except for some serious shortcomings and the outer case. The Rib Case was their answer to that and they made them clear up to 1975, with a few upgrades, when they switched the drive trains in the MG Midgets over to Triumph.
            The actual gears in them swapped out with Mini’s with the 1275 CC engines and the Midgets and Sprites with the 1098 CC engines using the later clutch assembly. Morris Minor also used them.
            I personally know of over 40 parts suppliers but most of those all get their parts from just a couple of manufacturers. Moss Motors being one.
            I just recently found one guy who had a couple of videos about the damn things and had an bit of conversation with him in the comments.
            He used to work for Mini Mania as an engine builder and races the old British cars so he knows his shit.
            Mini Mania specialize in the Mini’ naturally but also sell a lot of Sprite and Midget parts and that is who I have been going through lately but they are obviously getting their parts from somewhere else because some of the stuff their website says they have in stock I have had to wait two weeks to get even though they are in California.They even told me they were waiting on some of it when I had to call them when I got that other guy’s Morris Minor bumper bolts and had to get that straightened out.
            Trust me when I say that I have literally spent most of entire days watching Youtubes trying to find someone, ANYONE, who has a good video of a complete tear down or rebuild and I have not found one. Easily over a hundred hours over the years. Even the ones I did find is not a complete rebuild.
            Mini Mania wants $1500 plus either $250 or a rebuildable core for this little piece of crap and I paid $1,000 for the one that is in it now, that was never right from the get go, clear back in 1999.
            This is the guy I found who knows his stuff. He even builds racing transmissions for these things with custom parts inside that run into the thousands of dollars.


            • Phil, I suggest that YOU record a how-to video for upload. That others may have to turn down the sound level, lest their kiddies or elderly Sprites hear your curses, is fine by your readers here. Damn it, get your old codger neighbour over for some advice! People will enjoy the viewing, just put some plexiglass between you and the camera, to protect it from tools or parts hurled during outbursts of temper.


  4. Just as a precaution I would advise you’d call your Psychotherapist right away so he can figure out how he could help you over the inevitable depression after having sold that babe.
    Or (helping you saving a lot of money) just buy an even bigger project to work on.
    Maybe a very old steam locomotive built around 1840 in India?


  5. I’m sure Phil knows the commonality of the parts used across a wide range of British cars by now. The Sprite and MG Midget are basically clones, and the powertrain parts interchange with many other British cars that Austin-Healy/MG/BL built. The problem is that these cars are collectable now, and the price on parts has gone through the roof. Even though they were considered “cheap” cars, the parts were always a bit pricey, and sometimes hard to get.

    Back when I was working on these bastards on a regular basis, I could rattle of what interchanged with what, and knew which parts houses reliably had things in stock, but I purged all that when I quit working on them.

    I swear, Phil, with all the $$ you’ve dumped into that thing you could have swapped out the whole drivetrain with a Miata drive train and been done with it. Yeah, I get the point of having it (somewhat) “stock”, but nothing wrong with doing a RestoMod swap on it to get trouble free motoring. These are charming little cars when they’re running right.

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    • True, but ball and roller bearing standards have existed forever.
      Bronze plain bearings, spacers, and bushings should be a piece
      of cake considering Phil owns a mini-lathe. Things like plain
      thrust bearings, springs, and other items may be a challenge
      but there are hundreds of British car clubs across America and
      they know where to get or make parts. It might take a phone call or
      two but this is not a lost cause by any means.


      • Oh, I agree it’s “fixable”, I was just commenting on doing a swap so you could enjoy driving the car, not constantly working on it and burning cash.

        Anything is fixable if you throw enough time and/or cash at it.


  6. Well Phil, I believe it is time for me to be thoroughly evil:

    You already have lathe.
    You NEED a milling machine.
    Dividing head
    Tool post grinder
    Broach set
    Key cutter
    Shall I go on?
    No more limitations after that.
    Just saying.


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