9 thoughts on “This Is Why You Have A Buddy Hold The Ladder For You

  1. I did a job with a coworker at a tank farm in Los Angeles Harbor. The co-
    worker was a mountain of a man at 6’6+ and 320 pounds+. He had to up
    with a micrometer to measure a hub size in order to replace a worn-out
    sprocket on a loading arm. Little Timmy looked no smaller atop a 30-foot
    extension ladder. The whole time I was holding the ladder, I never took my
    eyes off of him. If he had fallen I would have been squashed like a bug and
    he would have ripped right through the wooden dock.

    I was with another guy on the first visit and that guy came up with a brilliant
    idea that saved the customer a shit-ton of money. A loading arm looks like
    one of those stationary cranes you see in building construction. Instead of
    lifting something, it carried a large diameter hose used to suck oil out of
    tankers. It had a mast and a counter-weighted jib arm. The crane that
    was necessary to dismantle the arm was huge and needed about a
    half-block of reach.

    Joe said to go back up and measure everything, then come back with a
    with a split sprocket. His idea was to flame cut the existing sprocket,
    get the teeth spacing correct on the new one, and tighten the shit out
    of the hub bolts.

    And yes, if Little Timmy fell I was not going to be there to catch him!


  2. Guy1 (faller) owes guy2 (catcher) a beer!…and they can drink ’em together and reminisce while sitting in front of the warm glow from a bonfire made with that POS toy ladder!


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