4 thoughts on “Something To Keep In The Back Of Your Mind

  1. Anybody who’s ever been in sheep country knows there’s always that one or two that’ll get ya. They may be dumb, but they can be sneaky.

    Heh. Remembering going to a sheep farm when I was 6. We’d chase the damn things downhill to where their legs couldn’t keep up, they’d stumble, roll, hit the electric fence, bounce back about 10 feet, get up on their feet and look all confused like. Meanwhile, the damn ram would be sneaking and sneaking and WHAM!, we’d be the ones rolling down the hill heading towards the electric fence.

    Ah. The joys of youth.


  2. I hate sheep! Yes, they will head butt you and shoulder slam you, ewes and rams. Stupid creatures, I worked on a cousins farm and she had goats, sheep, and cows and horses and pigs. I would rather work with any and all except fucking sheep, oh, did I tell ya they stink to high heaven!


    • I quite like them, at a distance, like the next state, NSW. But I just love roast lamb! Those sick Kiwis just love them, full stop. New Zealand must be the only place where they sell sheep lingeree, probably from the same place that makes goat porn for Ayrabs.


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