4 thoughts on “Here, I Have Exact Change

  1. I was in a box store today, my total was $8.20. I gave the cashier a ten-spot and a quarter, and he gave me back a nickel… wait, whut?
    We both looked at the register tape, he had punched in $8.25 for cash tended! We got it worked out eventually, but it’s a sad story when the people working at the register can’t have an alarm go off in their brain when something like this happens…
    Just pathetic!


  2. I think I learned about making change in maybe 3rd grade, and math has always been a problem for me, but I do understand decimals etc, but fractions require some brain power. However, not being able to make change should require people to start their education over, in the first grade.
    I once gave a grocery cashier, young man about high school age a $20 for a $12.20 bill. He could not fucking figure it out, even when his supervisor gave him a goddamn calculator, he still could not figure it out……. And these people are going to end up running the country when they can’t even do simple addition and subtraction! And people wonder why the discouragement on using cash, going to digital currency….. The average merkan simply is overwhelmed when anything requires them to actually think….Can’t be done…..I don’t know how to do that……… Probably can’t wipe their ass either…….
    People are simply to fucking stupid to survive!


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