What In Tarnation? (Updated)

It’s definitely got a Bug Eye Sprite nose on it but other than that anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

Looking for it on Tineye says it was advertised on Autotradersonline.com in May of 2018 as an Alfa Romeo!


Whatever it was, it’s a weird looking thing now.

Some people….


Here is an original Bug Eyed Sprite so you can see what an abortion that thing up top is,



16 thoughts on “What In Tarnation? (Updated)

  1. What’s that goofy hood ornament in front of the snoot scoop on the weird one? Looks like maybe 5 bolt lugs? I like the original one with knock offs.


  2. There is little difference between the two bodies. It looks like a sprite with
    fender flairs, something that looks like primitive brake cooling ducts, an a
    few other small details. If it wasn’t made with a sprite donor body, they
    copied the shit out of it.


    • Nice digging.
      I stand by my original opinion though, the thing is an abortion.
      I can see where it’s been stretched out in the front and also in front of the doors and we won’t even go into what happened to the ass end.
      It’s basically an Alfa Romeo with a stretched out Bug Eye body on it.
      Probably goes like stink but it also has a much wider wheel base, as in almost an entire foot wider.


      • What had me scratching my fucking head was that vertical
        what the fuck on the ass end. I didn’t read beyond the “what
        in tarnation” because I can recognize a sprite at a glance. I
        recognized the Union Jack, but it was not like any flag I’ve
        ever seen. Those split “windshields” had me thinking a classic
        Austen Healey 100. The reason I dug my ass off was the lack
        of the classic Alfa Romeo grille, which is still standard on their
        new cars.


  3. No one would do that to an Alfa. But, I sold one to a neighbor of my dad’s. The seat buckets were rusted out so he put Camaro seats in it and painted the wheels black. My dad told him that Alfa people wouldn’t like that. The guy said, “It’s mine. I’ll do what I want to it.”


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