This Is Some Damn Good Advice

I watched this and realized I have been doing this for years.

I don’t care what your station in life is, that doesn’t make you who you rally are and I can find common ground with almost anyone willing to meet me half way.

You want to be an asshole, I can play that game too. Really well.

4 thoughts on “This Is Some Damn Good Advice

  1. This is the lesson taught by fathers of all generations. And a prime reason why fathers are so important in the home for both boys and girls. Cannot be taught in public education schools where the primary lesson is “victimhood”, where you are deserving of everything from everybody else, especially those who went before you.
    It is the simple truth of treating everyone, from wherever they come, as another human being deserving of the same respect you desire for yourself…
    Besides, by doing so to someone getting in your face for some asinine reason known only to them, by replying in a calm respectful manner, it totally disarms them in their agenda…..


  2. At 6:17, I knew he was the real deal. i haven’t seen him before, everything was making perfect sense, but when he popped off with “what kind of s…a.. excuse is that”, I knew he was the genuine article.

    And for the tally book, you either do it or don’t do it. There ain’t no habit, it needs to be IN you. He hit it when he said attitude. Basically he is telling you as a man, treat others as an individual, with respect, Dad was a peace officer, and he said that all the time. Treat everyone with respect and you’ll get it back. Unless there is a problem with them.

    These are the old ways… The American way.


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