The Rubber Is Fixin’ To Hit The Road

Hopefully the wheels don’t fall off.

Like many Americans over the last six months as you know, I got laid off back in late April.

As the government flailed around trying to figure out what to do once it was clear that millions of people like me were staring at an uncertain future they scrambled and decided to hand out $1200 checks to everyone and add an extra $600 a week to the Unemployment benefits as Stop Gap measures until the true depth of this Man Made crisis could be plumbed.

Well obviously, they haven’t found the bottom quite yet.

In the mean time those extra dollars have dried up.

Hundred of thousands of people either haven’t been able to or have mistakenly thought that paying rent was kind of optional because of an emergency eviction moratorium that is also set to expire was enacted.

All of this added together is an enormous Black Hole of economic disaster that is only comparable to The Great Depression of the 1930’s and most of the fall out hasn’t even started happening yet.

It’s coming just as sure as the Sun rises in the East though.

Congress is as usual, bickering back and forth and playing Gotcha Games trying to score ridiculous political points now that all of these emergency measures have expired while Americans who have had their feet knocked out from under them by the politically originated mandatory lock downs and business cut backs are now looking at really hard times as Fall and Winter approach and no solutions seem to be forthcoming as of this posting.

In other words, Business As Usual up in the hallowed halls of Congress.

I can’t really speak for anyone here and really wouldn’t want to in the first place but while all of this “Free Money” was flying around, me and The Wifely Unit did something that I am suspecting is pretty rare.

We socked as much of it away as we could and got ourselves out of debt with it.

Since everything was locked down anyway and there was no place to go or anything to do, there were times when the wife would sock away an entire weeks unemployment check at a time.

It added up after a while.

So last week she tells me that she has enough put away to pay off her credit card bill, which was substantial.

I had no idea just how substantial until she told me because she takes care of the money around here. To tell the truth I was a bit shocked at the amount.

I am apparently allergic to money and break out in hives if I have more than twenty dollars on me at any one time so I get rid of it as fast as I get it.

This is where she shines. She could make Copper wire out of a penny if it came right down to it.

She said she wanted to pay that off and it would get rid of a never ending $100+ a month payment.

I said hell yes pay it off, so she did.

Now that the extra Unemployment money has been shut off, things are going to get real tight around here. We still have a small buffer but basically any purely discretionary spending is going to stop completely.

It remains to be seen if the monthly obligations are going to be able to be sustained at their current levels too. We will cross that bridge soon enough.

Right this minute though, we don’t owe anyone a fucking dime, other than the usual monthly expenses.

I was going to use some of that money to get a newer than thirty five year old little gas sipper pick up but when the chance to get out of debt instead appeared I jumped all over that.

I’m thinking cheap little beater trucks are going to start becoming plentiful again in the near future anyway.

This post has been something I have been debating with myself about publishing for a couple of days now. I have really been torn about posting this because that no good sonofabitch Murphy just loves to shit on me whenever I start thinking things might not be so bad after all but…

I decided to go ahead with it out of curiosity to see if anyone else was able to get evened up a bit during this economic shit storm thanks to Uncle Sam’s generosity with our Great, Great Grandkid’s economic fortunes.

All of that is out of my hands, there isn’t a damn thing I could say or do to change it so I figured I might as well do what I could, while I could.

Now I am going to be saying some prayers that Murphy finds something to do besides shit all over me again.

Because I really truly do believe that we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, that the economic disaster that is coming is going to be Biblical in scale before this is all said and done.

34 thoughts on “The Rubber Is Fixin’ To Hit The Road

  1. Phil, is ANYONE hiring in your area and for your skill set? Companies have to make stuff and there are still 340 million or so of us that consume to some level or another.

    I have been on the edge of the rust belt most of my working life and there have been rough patches but stuff always turned up with effort, networking and the odd chance meeting.

    Keep in touch with your former boss. Short weekly call or every other week to show interest and perseverance etc. Yeah, I have been called a pain in the ass on occasion, but it pays off to keep your name near the top of any hiring list..

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  2. I’m in a similar situation, you just beat me to it by a couple of months.
    There is a lag time (and a pecking order) for economic recovery, and a bigass void that we’re just beginning to see in some sectors. Construction is one of those industries.


    • There is a lag time (and a pecking order) for economic recovery

      There sure is a pecking order, and we’re at the bottom. The banksters and hedge funders got a near-trillion dollar bailout in March, well before all the $1200 checks to normal people. It seems that some banksters figured out they could do something called “gamma scalping” (no I have no idea what that really is, I work for a living) which would guarantee them profits so long as the Fed acted to suppress market volatility. But then Corona-chan happened and Treasuries prices fell out of the (artificially) stable zone.

      The banksters stood to lose billions. So the Fed bought the (rotten) market. That was the yuuuge bailout and the hedge funders were safe again. Did they learn a lesson? No. The fuckers doubled down and leveraged themselves further. They are “making” money hand over fist from all of this recklessness. They know that they will not be allowed to fail. Instead, the federal government will save them each time by mortgaging our future by essentially borrowing against future anticipated revenue.

      Those people are worse for this nation than all the idiot gangbangers and narcos put together. It is a hate crime however to notice any patterns or disproportionate representation about these people.


  3. Just the same here in England, those with a good helping of common sense, usually brought up by parents without delusions of grandeur kept debts to an absolute minimum anyway, my own belief is the only thing you should borrow money for is to buy the roof over your head and to pay that off as soon as you can.

    Phil, you’ll find something whatever happens, i’ve been made redundant 3 times in my working life but found work again within a couple of days each time, better than the job i lost too, for those prepared to graft and who take a pride in their work there will always be work.
    I dunno about the USA but here in England it seems the older you get, at least in my workline, the more employable you are, because mature workers are usually reliable and loyal and have proven records of decades of work, the youngsters just haven’t got the worh ethic if it involves some graft, you’ll soon be up and at ’em again.

    Lots of people are going to be up queer street, they seem to think the free money is unending and still pissing it up the wall as if the money trees of Croydon are real, boy are they in for a shock when it stops, and another bigger shock when they finally realise all that free money they got was only a loan from themselves to themselves anyway and it’s all got to be paid back….people forget, govts have no money of their own, it’s all taxpayers money they chuck about like confetti, money taken by force if necessary from us the genuine working people who pay their taxes.

    Good luck mate.


  4. 20$ bread is correct. Its coming. Grab your ass with both hands ’cause uncle pawpaw is headed our way and he got it skinned back. Wife layoff last Oct. Me in May. Both 24 years at same company. If you over 50, you a fucked chicken. No lawyers involved due to them holding your severance $ over your head.


    • G’day Texson, what does a severence/redundancy payment look like? I did 22 years, 3 months and 1 week at my last job, got a DCM (don’t come Monday) and a wave goodbye.


      • Mr. Phil- G’day to yourself, as well. I can identify with your situation. I worked as a millwright in West Texas for years ’til I wised up and hauled ass. Benefits were if you show up, you get paid. If it rains, you SOL. I got a belly full of that at 30 yr.s old.


    • Texson, $20 bread si certainly in our future and so is $15 a gallon prices. Fall is coming and when the bull manure hits that fan come November. The fall is historically when revolutions mature and break open… when momma see her kids hungry, she is gonna tell poppa to grab the gun and kill the bastards.


        • A billabong is a permanent waterhole in dry creeks, that may only flow above the surface during the ‘big wet’. Much of inland Australia is arid, but there is plenty of life around to see, if people alter their perceptions. ‘Tighter then a fish’s arsehole’ = skinflint, short arms and deep pockets, tightarse. One can imagine the water pressure trying to violate any fish’s orifice, they’d be more frightened of a loose fart than you! As for the world going nuts, what’s new? Did you lose your key to the goodies cupboard at work? Regarding a vaccine for the ‘Fort Detrick flu’, I refuse to believe that it was released before protection was available, solely for Deep State members of course.


  5. Phil, I think you’ve mentioned online payment handlers before (arsehole mongrel thieving shitheads at Paypal come to mind). I exist on the gubmint disability benefit here in Aussie, and as a rule am tighter than a fish’s arsehole, by necessity, but I’d find a way to send a few Pacific Pesos (otherwise known as the Australian dollar) when I can. I reckon that your regular readers may be able to help as and when they can. I suggest you come to an arrangement with some payment body, and post their icon on your site for us to use. Hell, surely Ford and GM should pay you reparations, for their corporate sins!


  6. You are correct Phil. The stuff is going to hit the fan, I believe our economy will hit absolute rock bottom. I think about the only thing that will keep millions of people from starving to death will be if they have a place for a large garden. I have tried to convince my daughter and son in law to do what you and your wife did with socking it away. For the most part i think they did.


  7. I paid off my travel trailer last stimulation check and I was thinking of selling it, what with my renal failure looking me in the, what did Aussie say… a fish’s arsehole. I could have used the money, but if I lose an apartment I have at least a small bed, a small toddy, and small kitchen and a place to sit. I can park down by the river. I am keeping it as their is almost no cost to insurance, and a small storage fee. I have everything except my living expenses to pay out every month. I can call you and see if I can park it in front of your house Phil, or egorr’s, but egorr will make me stop drinking coffee and diet pepsi…


  8. member of the essential workers brotherhood here. haven’t missed a day, and haven’t gotten 1 red cent extra either.
    heeded the warning last spring when it was hard to find garden seeds, and everything i’m growing this year is heirloons and open pollination. i’m saving 4 or 5 times what i will need for next year….if i don’t need it, friends and neighbors may.
    those who have food will survive….
    those who can produce food will prosper.

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  9. Yup. Glad to know someone else did what we did. Grabbed the $2400 assistance check and wiped out all our debt. No mortgage, no consumer debt. Cash and silver in the safe, 2 months food laid up. Plenty ammo. 2 essential jobs so steady income. Less fretting. Neighbors on the same page regarding social disturbances, yeah, not a perfect picture, but it could be worse.


    • I have a small travel trailer Dana, say, where did you say you live? I too have about 4 months stocked and I have gardening tools and mechanic tools and skills, man, this post sound like a job and residents resume…


  10. I am posting this for a reader who can’t seem to get WordPress to work and said it was OK if I put it in the comments,

    Comment: Would comment using WordPress but my password gizzer is messed up. Yes. My wife and I are far better off today than we were in January. I came into a small inheritance from my late father….I had some excess unemployment….I sold some of his guns…..stimulus check of $2400….yes, we paid off some debt. We have a savings account for the first time in years. Far better off. We have enough food in the house for about one year, and we are continually topping off. Thankfully, my wife can cook like a gourmet; she has the knack of taking a tough, nasty piece of discount mystery meat and turning it into something you’d order in a nice restaurant. We have two freezers jammed to the gills with meat and frozen meals and veggies; we’ve got an auxiliary stand-by freezer on order, but we’re having hell getting it delivered. Yes, you read that right; we’re buying a third freezer to keep empty in the garage in case one of the first two goes out. The days of being able to drive to Sears or an appliance store to bring one home in your truck are long gone.

    The shit is going to hit the fan after the election. Good luck with the job search. I got fired in December. I was awarded unemployment, but the bastards contested my claim and won; I’m paying back $2600 on the installment plan. I look at it as a no-interest loan; it helped us prep before things kicked off here in March. I also got another job in March. God is looking over us here in Austin.

    The guy who bought some of Dad’s guns used to live in my neighborhood, and he said it might be the safest place in Austin due to the heavily-armed nature of our neighbors. Mostly Hispanics, many of them illegals, with their homes being their main asset; they’ll fight anyone coming into our neighborhood who doesn’t belong here.

    God is looking over us here in Austin.

    You can post this in the comments if you want. I’m gonna try and get the WordPress issue resolved. I stopped using any other sort of social media several years ago.



  11. I hate to keep buttin’ in here and sure don’t want to wear out my welcome. I been saying for years that it’s going to take some really hard times to make these young people grow up. No internet. No starbucks. No moms basement. They either curl up and perish or get up and get moving. “Screw your 54 genders. What we got to eat?”


  12. Broke my foot and had to take medical leave in May, beginning in June I was laid off. It sure doesn’t look like my plant is going to come back on line any time soon, if ever. Unfortunately I live in a very rural area so there is no job prospects locally. I’m loathe to pack everything up and go somewhere equally questionable especially seeing as how society seems to be breaking down. Fortunately, I’m a skinflint. I’ve no debt besides my mortgage and the family. I was lucky enough to have worked my ass off and have a substantial savings account which if played correctly should keep me high and dry for the foreseeable future. Garden, can, preserve, hunt and fish. Just cleaned 3 wild hogs the other day. The extra bucks from the .gov did help as the family (including 3 girls) sure is expensive to maintain. I don’t know what’s gong to happen long term, but I’m becoming increasingly pessimistic. I may have a line of work doing NDT (non destructive testing) but it will be without medical insurance and will entail extensive travel. Won’t be the first time I’ve had to suck it up and do something I don’t want to do, but that’s the price one pays for being a family man.
    We’ll see how things turn out. Like I said, I’m becoming more and more pessimistic. We’ll probably be in a full bore economic crash and shooting at ourselves come November, if not sooner.
    Enjoy the Fourth Turning!


    • Oh, and I’ve already done a bunch of leg work looking for employment. It’s dead here. Nary a $10hr ditch digging job.
      As the hordes of illegals here say, no bueno.


  13. Being retarded, I mean retired, most of this nonsense has not affected us. We have never carried much debt. Both of us would rather save the money and then pay for something. Then it is ours. No three way with a bank.
    I did put down a cash deposit with the local butcher on two lambs for the freezer in October. There is half a steer we will be picking up later this fall. Life goes on until it doesn’t.


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