7 thoughts on “Now That You Mention It…

  1. Yep, because disadvantaged yutes need to be respected for their feelings, or just allowed to break shit without being held accountable.



      • They’re just waiting for their masters to give the command.
        Masters are biding their time.
        Patience grasshopper, it’s coming


        • They have done a few sorties to the suburbs. Recon in force or a trial balloon. Some of these, like Springfield Oregon have not gone so well, and they don’t like being intimidated by their own tactics (blocking vehicular movement), and they are at a disadvantage when they have to commute out of the cities to riot with their own cars. It is also an embarrassing setback to use the “who’s streets?, Our Streets!” chant and then have to request that the police intervene and escort them out of the whitey encirclement. They seem to do better when they show up unannounced as opposed to telegraphing the event widely. Local people just going about their lives are caught unprepared to deal with a sudden angry mob. The pushback has been mild so far, which is in line with people being taken by surprise. When they stage a riot in the wrong neighborhood, especially with advance notice, they will likely get the “Peaceful protester Massacre” headline that the high level masters are seeking. I suspect it will ring hollow as much of the nation is getting fed up with this nonsense. We can only hope that such a development takes most of the less committed tag-alongs out of the movement by way of sudden realization that this is not a game.


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