13 thoughts on “This Is Where Simple Photography Crosses Into A Form Of Art

  1. It is a nice picture,, but it goes to show how manipulated and lied to in or lives. No subtle image can be trusted, no word can be trusted.


          • Hey egorr, I foul up comments badly sometimes, I blame sleep deprivation and pain, or plain stupidity. As far as Cederq’s goes, it is remarkably straightforward compared to some of his recent dribble. I think Phil should attach an alco-test unit to the bulldog’s keyboard! Not that I’m Cederq bashing here, the trauma of years serving as Hillary’s puppy must have seared his synapses. We all understand, and must make allowances.


              • Yeah okay, you got me there, I’m plain wrong and I admit that. I should have said drool, not dribble. A bloke at your time of life can’t help such things, it’s cool.


                  • Well I reckon it could get to be a problem for blokes like you and Leonard, especially if Phil keeps posting videos of nubile young women. You both will need drool guards on your keyboards. Yuck, imagine the poor illegal immigrant that has to service them out back of the computer repair shop, I bet she hates it when old white men watch porno with their nose against the monitor. If Deathray ever posts that video he took of his hottie Sasquatch chick and nubile Eskimo girl and their threesome in the igloo this winter (imagine the rancid bear grease pong, phew!), Phil’s gonna need to hire more bandwidth!


  2. To build on what egorr said, successful photography is all about framing the shot. The viewer knows it’s a frame, but enjoys the artistic creativity of the artist.

    Political propaganda is taking a framed shot and making it a political item.


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