10 thoughts on “DIRECT HIT!

        • Deathray, that Sasquatch girl you’ve had the hots for, you sure it isn’t Michael Obama in a fur coat? Find an Al Gore polar bear (should be easy, Al said they’d all have moved south after all the polar ice melted by now), get him to check her over for you.


  1. Think about it this way
    They know his life is total shit living with that scank so why add to the dumb asses misery
    His wife,”Cankles” is a drunk miserable bitch and
    Web Hubble’s daughter has fleas.


    • G’day Deathray, who is this Web Hubble bloke, what have I missed? Or is it a reference to Chelsea’s ‘womb with a view, big as the Hubble scope’ during Hillary’s whelping?


        • Righto, so a Clintonista then. Well alright, I suppose that is one crime against humanity we can’t pin on ol’ Bill. No amount of Clinton brand coke could have got Bill in the mood for that job, talk about soft-on time!


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