18 thoughts on “What, Is This Some Kind Of New Fad Or Something?

  1. But,, Opening a watermellon isnt that hard,, and really,, Its a watermellon,, why did that put the dude on hizzass? Check out this methind for gaining entry,, a frikken Toothpick,, and a few thumps,,


      • That’s what they make these things called…. shhhh, don’t tell anyone… knives. Sharpened blades made of just near about anything but this new-fangled steel stuff works like a charm…


          • So are you referring to a tin opener, a Walther 9mm service pistol or the WWII Lockheed long-range fighter? Not mere pedantry on my part, I assure you, ‘cos enquiring minds must know, and people get alarmed by your thoughts, Cederq. Have you talked about this with Herr Professor Unfuck von U? He could help, you know, but will probably just observe while snacking on popcorn.

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            • A small can opener issued with C and K Rations in the US Military is called a P-38, I am sorry I did not clarify, every older service man from the US instantly knows what I am talking about. it is small enough to place on a key chain and not be intrusive. My thoughts should alarm people, if they don’t I am just not trying hard enough… By the way, is Herr Unfucked a Austrian Psychiatrist or Psychologist? I don’t like the smell of popcorn or the taste. While working in the psych wards we had a snack bar the patients could have soft drinks, yogurt, cheese sticks and bag of pop corn. did you know popcorn will burn if you put the microwave on 99 minutes and then walk away? The smell of burnt popcorn and the resulting plastic melting is quite nauseating! I developed an aversion to popcorn. Unless Herr Unflucked is a trained mental health therapist, there is no hope for me…

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  2. Well, look at the bright side, it is probably healthier than eating Tide pods or smoking banana peel scrapings.

    Glad to see there are still enough idiots out there to keep the fad going. if the melons are tough enough it might also clean up the gene pool a bit.


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