7 thoughts on “Determined Stupidity

  1. A guy in my small town would do stuff like bash his head into a solid oak 4×4 just to see if he could dent the wood. What finally got him was when he jumped an underpowered motorcycle +75 feet through the air trying to jump a creekbed. The other side was lined with granite boulders. That’s where he landed. And it was close enough to success that he said he would try again just as soon as he got out of the hospital.

    He didn’t get the chance. He jumped off the top of a 24′ ladder instead. That was at a construction site. He ignored the pile of broken concrete and wood scraps with nails. Aside from the multiple broken bones and compound fractures, they intubated him and put him on a respirator.


  2. I guess I’m not HIP to these shenanigans? What the hell is the object doofus is trying to break on dumbass’ face?
    Thanks for clarifying!


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